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In 8 Minutes, Developers Can Start Build Web Apps On Google Cloud Server Using Cloudways

Cloudways announces the successful integration of Google Compute Engine (GCE) within its powerful and user-friendly Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and they have got serious bragging rights from Forbes on this new induction. With this integration, Cloudways aims to provide developers with the best possible cloud hosting platform  that allows them to develop web projects easily and
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The Next Big Market For Cloud Solutions: UAE

A study by EMC has shown that there is a great interest in cloud computing adoption in UAE. Upto 95% of enterprises have either implemented or plan to implement a cloud computing model. Most surprisingly, the interest lies in almost all types of cloud models. Around 49% of enterprises have currently implemented a private cloud
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Boost Your Business with Innovative iPhone Applications

In this era of fast communication, IPhones are the best smart phones which are gaining immense popularity. Besides having practical and utilitarian purpose, these phones are ideal companions providing excellent entertainment to everyone. Mobile developers are continually experimenting and developing new apps and formulating new codes for iPhone. It is very lucrative to create unique
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What Does 2014 Hold for Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the great disruptive technologies of the 21st Century, and its propagation and maturation throughout the coming year is assured. But what shape will this advancement take, and what difficulties will the growing market face? With the aim of taking a more balanced perspective on the technology’s future, I’ve opened
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Click&Go: A Faster and Simpler Cloud Solution by Cloudways!

The team at Cloudways has been very busy recently—and for a good reason. They have burnt tons of midnight oil to bring us a faster, simpler, and more flexible managed-hosting solution: Say hello to Click&Go by Cloudways. The core objective behind the development of Click&Go is simple: Faster web deployments! Click&Go is ideal for: Business
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Cloudberry’s Amazon S3 Cloud Desktop Backup

Every person who is operating an online business of any type, from writing a personal blog which is shared between friends and family to a complex public website, cloud based storage is very necessary, even if it is not mandatory virtually.  Cloud storage is not just a good place for securing files such that floods,
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How IBM Is Planning To Take On The Cloud

Things have not been going great at IBM. Late last year, the company announced that their sales saw a drop for the sixth straight quarter. A primary reason for this slump is the dramatic shift in consumer behavior as IBM’s traditional clients are moving away from on-premise hardware infrastructure to cloud-based alternatives. The Armonk, NY
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Cloud Infographic: Cloud Computing and The Public Sector

Cloud Computing has been in the business world for quite some time now. Various organizations have migrated to cloud around the globe and have been performing successfully. Not only the private sector organizations, but also the public sector organizations have been considering shifting to the cloud in the recent times. Cloudreviews brings you a smart Infographic in this regard that depicts the status of the relationship between Cloud Computing and the Public Sector.