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From the time when computer was just a name for managing small IT related activities like maintaining official records or for entering any kind of data till it became the only thing for which people and business entities are dependent upon, IT world has undergone a drastic transformation.

The transformation in terms of innovating new technologies and enhancing the existing ones has been the prime focus of the modern day technology world. Thus, technology like cloud computing have been catering to the technology requirements of enterprises.

Some of the popular examples of Cloud Computing are listed below. These would also help you have a gist of what trends are followed by reputed and popular cloud providers along with the cloud services they offer to their clientele.

Example 1# Oracle’s Cloud File System Platform

The public cloud architecture of Oracle comprises of three main components including resource pooling, broad network accessibility and quick elasiticity. Although, the listed three components are common in all the constructed cloud platforms in all the organizations, each cloud providing firm has a different way of presenting them in front of their clients.

Oracle has beeb working on cloud platform for quite a some time now and is a market leader in the same industry. Oracle’s Cloud File System platform offers following characteristics:

  • A shared pool storage along with a unified namespace for applications, operational files, and user files.
  • Oracle’s cloud access storage either directly over a storage network or over traditional networks.
  • When it comes to securing the cloud platform, oracle is supposed to be the best. This is because, it follows latest encryption and data access security standards.
  • Yet another characteristic feature of Oracle cloud file

Example 2# Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is built on the SaaS platform and offers users leverage to work on the virtual cloud environment where they can store their data, and access it from anywhere round the clock, while staying away from all sorts of security threats.

Using Windows Azure Cloud platform ensures that each business environment using it will experience reduced total cost of daily operations. This is the biggest factor that cloud computing offers its users from all walks of life. Raised scalability levels and a good percentage of revenue generation.

Example 3# Google’s Google Docs and Google App Engine

Google Docs has been introduced with the view to offer businesses a platform where they can share and access their data or information with en number of clientèle and expand their business branches. The Google Doc platform is a type of public cloud architecture that although, is less secure in terms of storing confidential data, because a user doesn’t know where the data is stored or kept, it is extremely beneficial for emerging businesses that want to save a lot on cost of purchasing hardware and software products.

Features like spreadsheets, presentations, online documents etc are some of the things users can make use of while storing information or data on a cloud server.

Google Apps Engine, on the contrary is one of the cloud architectures that enable business enterprises to run their software applications via this medium. PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service model is focused in this cloud architecture by Google App Engine invites several programming languages that match with their environment.

Example 4# Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute and S3 SSE Model

Amazon’s EC2 cloud model is all about providing businesses a platform where they can store their confidential data without the hassle of investing huge sums of money on software and hardware stuff. This cloud model gives users the leverage of pay-as-you-go capacity, while raising the scalability levels. Most of the big IT organizations use Amazon’s Elastic cloud compute model and run their daily operations on it.

Runtime of most of the cloud platforms including this one is quite quick and ensure approximately 99.99 % downtime. But, the recent amazon cloud namely AWS collapse that happened last year made many potential IT giants to suffer monetary as well as reputation losses. Although, this was the major set-back for the businesses that were dependent on amazon’s cloud model, it was rectified soon.

Yet another platform of cloud is the simple storage service and server side encryption platform. Both of these services offer strong security and enables business operations to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Examples of Cloud Computing


Bottom Line

All those who wish to enter into cloud business should know all the ins and outs of the technology so that things don’t fall into bad shape. Moreover, as cloud computing is known for its complex structure, it is very important to understand its fundamentals on which the technology is based on.


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