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As the year passed by, cloud computing and its associated managed cloud services have proven to be beneficial for several organizations, big or small in terms of scaling up their production levels or building an unlimited storage server that at the same time is safe and secure.

Despite so many advancements and improvements that were done in the 2011, the technology still leaves a scope for many more in the future ahead. Year 2012 is surely going to be one of the promising years for cloud computing as a technology to flourish and become the viable most technologies.

However, besides knowing most of the factors that would help cloud technology to boost business environments to a large extent, let us highlight on some of them and bring forward points that would bring significant changes in the year 2012.

Cloud Model in 2012

Note – According to studies and several researches, in the year 2011, cloud technology alone scaled up the production levels of small and medium scale business enterprises from 10% to 90%. This miraculous jump in the percentage was made possible by several cloud providers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, with the help of those several organizations have been benefited.

Keeping these things in mind let us highlight on factors that will be fruitful for cloud computing model to survive highly competitive business world in future.

Private Cloud Architecture is Set to Boast off its Secured Platform

Although, public cloud and hybrid cloud platforms have their share of significance for businesses, the private cloud architecture is also on the booming stage. Private cloud, as we all know is one of the best for businesses that do not wish to share or give the authority for accessing their data or credentials to the third parties.

With this fact in mind, more and more organizations have popped in to get a private cloud model constructed for their internal IT infrastructures. Not only does it give a highly secured environment but also the flexibility to run daily tasks using this platform in the smoothest way possible.

Second most prominent reason for private cloud architecture to be on the verge of expanding is the fact that organizations find it a lot easier and convenient to deploy / build private cloud models using their existing infrastructures. This way, they not only save time but also huge sums of money.

The Hybrid Cloud Architecture also has the Bright Future-2012 is Surely the Year for it!

Though, decision making to promote hybrid cloud model and incorporate it in the organizations is tough, the technology will soon find a breeding space larger than its actual size in the upcoming year.

Year 2012 will help organizations and cloud providers implement those strategies and key business solutions that were left incomplete in the 2011. Surely, the unique characteristics of hybrid cloud model that encourages both public as well as private cloud models will be more accepted in the organizations.

Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS Will Rule out IaaS!

PaaS has been the consistent choice of organizations that have migrated to the cloud server and chosen PaaS Cloud or Platform-as-a-Service as their working model. The model has proved itself extremely beneficial for the software developers as they won’t be facing any hassle of installing and purchasing expensive applications that enabled them to work on them.

Two of the good examples of PaaS are WordPress and Joomla, open content management systems that promote virtual cloud environment in a way to let developers design and develop new and improved software applications in order to make the business world a highly compatible place.

One Outage and Businesses could Actually Analyze the Difference in their Service Quality

Outages have been a part of technological innovations whether they are old or new. As a matter of fact cloud technology also faced quite many of them in the bygone year. But, does that mean, things will remain same in the upcoming year.

Well, it can be true to say that a complex technology like the cloud could suffer outages, the only thing that would change is the awareness of such catastrophes amongst cloud providers and organizations and improved service level agreements.

Cloud Model won’t Gain you any Magical Protection Against Security, Instead it would Generate More Awareness

Be it any cloud model, public, private or hybrid, security concerns will be there. The only thing organizations can work out and get rid of that barrier is analyze, monitor and keep improvising the business environment with new trends and efficient work methodologies.

If all this is done regardless of the fact that you’ve owned, leased or given the rights of your organization to the third party, you would be able to run daily tasks and operations in a much better way. In such a case, becoming a leader in cloud technology will just be a start for your business to boom further and rule the global business environment.


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