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FROM THE NEWS ROOM: Amazon Web Services recently launched a new service namely AWS CloudHSM. This service will help you meet regulatory, contractual and corporate compliance requirements for data security within the AWS cloud environment with the help of dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances.

There are several solutions available for safeguarding sensitive information within the AWS platform offered by AWS Marketplace partners and AWS itself. But there is still a need of some additional protection for data and applications related to extensive regulatory or contractual requirements for the management of cryptographic keys. Till recent times, you could store your sensitive data and their protective encryption keys only in your on-site datacenters. This prevented you from getting your applications migrated to the cloud or drastically affected their performance. And that’s the point where the need of AWS CloudHSM service arises.

What AWS CloudHSM Offers?

This all new service from AWS lets you protect your encryption keys within the Hardware Security Modules that are especially designed for secure key management with the complete validation to the government standards. With the AWS CloudHSM, you can create, store and manage your protective cryptographic keys in the most secure manner and are only accessible to you. You will not be needed to compromise on your application performance while complying with the strict key management policy framework.

How AWS CloudHSM works?

The AWS CloudHSM service works in collaboration with the Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). The Hardware Security Modules are stipulated inside your Virtual Private Cloud with your specified IP address offering easy and private network connectivity to your Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) occurrences. This close placement of CloudHSM and EC2 occurrences will help decreasing your network latency and improving the performance of your applications. With AWS, you will get a personalized and secure access to your CloudHMS that is inaccessible to other AWS users. AWS CloudHSM is available in several Availability Zones and Regions, allowing you to have a durable and secure key storage to all your AWS EC2 applications.

Pricing Plan

AWS CloudHSM is presently offered in different availability zones in two major regions including EU-West (Ireland) and US-East (Northern Virginia). The pricing plans for the two regions are mentioned below.

AWS Follows Its Trend

AWS is renowned for constantly coming up with new and innovative services. With AWS CloudHSM, the trend has been followed with more concentration on innovation and users’ needs. AWS will be coming up with more amazing stuff in near future and that’s for sure.