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Amazon Opsworks

Amazon Web Services, A leading Cloud Computing service provider has launched a new application management tool i.e. AWS OpsWorks. This new application management service makes management of resources encompassed in a full fledge Amazon Cloud environment easy.

Management of complete application life cycle, including provisioning, configuration, deployment, updates, monitoring and access of any scale and complexity is administered with further proficiency with this easy system administration console.

What’s New in AWS OpsWorks

The integrated experience of AWS OpsWorks lets users model and visualize their applications in layers that proffer easy to use configuration for resources. Further installations and initializations of tasks can also be configured through these layers which then can be applied to customize any aspect of a user’s Cloud environment.

The AWS OpsWorks uses Chef Recipes with which a user can easily control hundred of community build configurations such as Nginx, PostgreSQL and Solr. The Use of Automation further simplifies the operations. A user only needs to specify the method of deployment, scaling and management of applications through the layers and AWS OpsWorks performs those tasks. Scalability, one of the key features of Cloud Environment, is also carried through automatic load and time based scaling by AWS OpsWorks.

Characteristics of AWS OpsWorks

The traditionally complex and time consuming aspects of application management are inhibited by AWS OpsWorks to provide a user more flexibility and Control. Following are some user friendly characteristics of AWS OpsWorks.

  • The AWS OpsWorks interface is Simple which provides users the ability to model and map the components of their applications as layers in a stack. Users are able to see the details of resources involved in their applications and their statuses, in one place.
  •  AWS OpsWorks is highly productive and provides rich deployment tools to users with which they can proficiently manage and customize their applications. With such an interface users can also easily deploy, roll back, scale and apply patches to their applications through single configuration.
  • AWS OpsWorks is a powerful tool that lets users maintain and version their entire environment via template configurations just like application source codes. Users can apply changes to all running instances through AWS OpsWorks ensuring consistent configuration at any time.
  • AWS OpsWorks is flexible and supports any software that you would like to use with scripted installation. Because of Chef Frame work usage of AWS OpsWorks, users can bring in their own recipes and Control hundreds of community-built configurations.
  • AWS OpsWorks is highly secure and enables users to easily manage IAM users’ SSH access on per stack basis.

The AWS OpsWorks is absolutely free; users only need to pay for the AWS Cloud resources, they need to run their applications. For further details on AWS OpsWorks please visit the AWS OpsWorks Page.