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Amazon RDS

We are excited to tell you that Amazon RDS that offers users the Prolific Database as a service segment on the Cloud has reduced the prices on its Single-AZ and Multi-AZ deployments, globally. Not only this, Amazon RDS has also launched a series of new features which were described later in their announcement.

In an official blog post, Amazon announced that

.We have reduced the prices on their on-demand package as much as 18% for MySQL and Oracle BYOL and 28% for SQL server BYOL..

For existent customers Amazon said the whole on demand usage for customers will now automatically be charged at the new lower rates with effect from June 1, 2013.

Amazon RDS
Amazon also announced that they have reduced the charges on Reserved Instances as well. The new prices for RI have been reduced as much as 27% for MySQL and Oracle BYOL. However, these prices will come in effect after June 11, 2013.
Amazon further said that,

.With the new prices on Reserved Instances users will be able to save up to 76% compared to On-demand instances. Hence it’s a great opportunity for users to review their needs and determine whether they want to purchase additional Reserved Instances and take the full benefit out of this new promotion..

 Along with the price reduction, Amazon also launched additional features on its RDS service. Following is the list Amazon’s newly launched features:

  • To meet the performance needs of IO intensive database workloads, Amazon RDS will now be packing up to 30K of Provisioned IOPS.
  • To satisfy enterprise security and compliance, Amazon RDS will now be supporting data encryption at rest via Oracle’s Transparent Data Encryption.
  • To enable efficient disaster recovery, Amazon RDS will now be compatible with Read-replica promotion.
  • For more efficient trouble shooting for database logs, Amazon RDS will now be equipping point and click access to the database logs.

With Such updates and revised pricing Amazon clearly tell users that by cutting down costs it surely is passing on those saving to them, in shape of more prolific benefits. These new innovations would provide users with more confidence to run the most resource crazy and mission critical workloads on RDS. To learn more about our new prices, we would suggest our users to please visit Amazon RDS Pricing.