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Amazon Virtal Private Cloud

Amazon launched its Virtual Private Cloud years ago to let users utilize the resources of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in your defined virtual network.

It is designed similarly to conventional network of data centers but with a provision of scalability from AWS infrastructure. This VPC is dedicated to your Amazon account only and not logically associated with other virtual networks established on the AWS Cloud.

VPC can be configured – you can select IP pool, create subnet mask, configure routing tables, establish network gateways and security settings also.

Amazon Web Service now brings additional accessibility provision for new users of Elastic Cloud Compute service (EC2) via its Virtual Private Cloud. It would grant them access to multiple IP addresses and extended security controls.

VPC was previously a separate service from AWS, used to establish virtual private network connection with their data centers. It also allows customers to create instances of EC2 virtual networks. Now, it is announced via the AWS blog post that new users would, by default, get access to the virtual private network (VPN).

AWS Virtual Private Cloud Demographics

According to the AWS blog, Amazon will start delivering services from Asia Pacific region and the South American region, while others will be added at a time later. Amazon’s respective regional offices are situated in Sydney, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Amazon’s current clientele comprise of various public sector and U.S government agencies – they could to setup a new account or launch a service in any particular region they haven’t worked in before.

AWS was accredited under Federal Information Security Management Act in year 2011, and is now serving more than 300 government, and approximately 1,500 educational customers.

The VPN connection on AWS costs $0.05 per hour. However, the upcoming VPC feature charges nothing – according to AWS sources. New users in the aforementioned Asia Pacific & South American regions can use features like assigning multiple IP addresses to an instance, adding egress filters to security groups, and changing security group memberships.

This added VPS advantage gave another competitive edge to one of the most leading Cloud service providers, offering a highly secured and scalable platform for your valuable digital data. As this new VPS feature comes with no extra charges, Rackspace Cloud is certainly worth trying.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud