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With an ongoing battle between the cloud giants, we have seen some remarkable features being added in cloud’s catalog. Going back in 2012, Google Compute engine added 36 servers to its base model and with the start of 2013 the leader of Open Cloud – Rackspace reduces its prices by 33%.

Amazon Web Services PriceOver couple of events,  we have seen Amazon (the biggest player of the Cloud Market) introduced intuitive features and improved services followed by some relaxation in the pricing modules to give a bonus to their customers.

This time AWS reduces the price to gain a larger market share. News was posted on Company’s Official Blog on Monday 4th March 2013 that Amazon Web Services is cutting prices on its elastic compute cloud (EC2) and related services.

Amazon is considered as market leading service provider in the public cloud computing, with one of the most reliable and powerful infrastructure. Intense competition is seen between AWS, Openstack and Rackspace. Current price relaxation is also seems to be part of effort by AWS to turn more people over its public computing infrastructure.

Amazon’s EC2 price reduction is in accordance to compute instance with respect to regions. Instance prices on reserve are lowered by 37 percent while on-demand instance price is cut down by 10 percent. Below is the chart of price reduction w.r.t % and tier.

amazon web services prices

Adding Value to Amazon Web Service Customers – In what directions?

For attracting more business from Application Developers, AWS announces other price decline up to 37 percent on its data storage, processing and cloud computing services domain. These reductions are applicable on Amazon EC2, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon RDS and Amazon Elastic Map Reduce.

Amazon EC2 can host multiple Operating Systems over Linux platform including Red Hat Fedora, Ubuntu, Cent Os, Gentoo Linux, Suse Linux, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise and Debian. While on Unix platform, EC2 can host FreeBSD.

AWS Price Cut-off over the Years

During the past six years, AWS recorded 19 price deduction offerings. With already a prominent and leading position in cloud computing market, such constant effort of lowering prices of quality service will definitely provide AWS a competitive advantage over other rivals including Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, etc.

If the trend continues in similar passion, we might witness price reduction offers from other leading service providers also. All and all, it will open the opportunity for potential customers to move on cloud computing platform at lowered cost. To learn more about Amazon Cloud, visit AWS profile below.

amazon web services prices