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Bacblaze SIIA codie Awards

Few days back we told our readers that Backblaze, a leading online backup provider, has been selected as the finalist for SIIA (software and information industry association) CODiE Awards in the category of Best Cloud storage and Backup solution).

Well, now we are pleased to announce that Backblaze WON the contest and is now accredited as 2013s Best Cloud Storage and Backup Solution Provider.

The SIIA CODiE awards in the SOFTWARE category had more that 30 sub categories. The Cloud Storage and Cloud backup solution category was itself chock full with many contestants each critically acclaimed for their services. However, Backblaze succeeded to come out as the winner among all. If you want to read more about the CODiE Awards, you can visit the SIIA website.

Backblaze, the leading Cloud provider or shall I say, 2013’s Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Solution Provider, was extremely pleased for winning the award. They expressed high gratitude on the occasion and said,

We are extremely thankful to the SIIA and its members for naming us as the winner. We will surely do the best to maintain our reputation as 2013’s best Cloud storage and backup solution provider by keeping the high standards of our services always alive.”

This is literally the best achievement for Backblaze and for their thriving community of their customers. Team Cloudreviews congratulates Backblaze with whole heart on winning the SIIA CODiE awards.