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Cheap Cloud Hosting- What’s In The Box!

A lot of organizations are on the lookout for cheap but robust web hosting provider these days. This is partly due to the economic conditions and partly due to current outsourcing trends. But the catch is finding the right and cheap web hosting provider, preferably cheap cloud hosting. Here ‘cheap’ does not necessarily mean least expensive hosting. Hosting has to be bundled with the right amount of tools to provide solid foundation; this always does not come cheap.

The challenge that many firms have been facing in this era is to find the cheap cloud hosting service fulfilling all your needs and requirements. The solution comes in the form of the Cloud Hosting. The cloud hosting is spread over multiple servers. This allows access to a large amount of resources as compared to shared hosting. Going for cheap cloud hosting with the right tools will provide everything that you require.

Now we must have a look at other types of hosting services in a brief manner before looking at Cloud Hosting in the comparative detailed manner. When it comes to hosting services over the Internet, the following services are available.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS Server
  •  Cloud Hosting

In Shared Hosting, many users share the same server whereas in case of Dedicated Hosting, a user has control of his own private server. These dedicated servers are expensive and require more management and maintenance. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a physical server that is divided into individual virtual servers. Each user gets his personalized private section of the server. A VPS is secure and is a cheaper option than Dedicated Hosting.

On the other hand, Cloud Hosting in comparison is much cheaper than all these above mentioned hosting services. Not only that, Cloud servers can be easily modified and it is very easy to enlarge a Cloud Hosting server. Cloud Hosting consists of logical server consisting of many computers.  It can be safely assumed that Cloud Hosting is an efficient version of a simple Shared Hosting.


The Cheapest Cloud Hosting In Town- Inventory!

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
2 Amazon $0.016/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
3 FireHost $200/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
4 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank
5 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
6 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
7 Softlayer $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
8 VPS.Net $0.027/hr No visit provider visit rank
9 eUkhost $0.016/hr No visit provider visit rank
10 Dediserve $0.0628/hr No visit provider visit rank

Hosting a web site for example on the cloud enhances the efficiency. This facilitates web site to handle massive traffic. This result in minimizing web site crashes during rush hours. Since cloud based services are offered through a cluster of servers installed at different locations, this eliminates the issues related to hosting site in a centralized manner on a single server.

It is imperative that the servers offered by hosting company are reliable. Ideally, these servers should be up and running 24/7 day in and day out. These servers should be as fault tolerant as possible and should be backed by excellent support. A cheap cloud hosting offers all these benefits and features. In reality, the fate of a business can actually rest on server availability of the servers. Selecting a cheap but an unstable hosting service will result unreliable and poor quality of service. The solution to this problem is opting for Cheap Cloud Hosting which is reliable due to its efficient infrastructure.

Cheap Cloud Hosting

Cheap Cloud Hosting- Perks & Attributes!

Users have the luxury of availing different types of online cloud computing services. Chances are that anyone using the Internet might be using some type of cloud hosting service. Email is the prime example of such a service. In online email accounts, data is stored on multiple interlinked servers.

Cloud Hosting is cheaper and flexible in the sense that the user only pays for the service availed. This aspect provides elasticity to the concept of cheap Cloud Hosting where users can extend the hosting services as and when required. It provides the users with a huge amount of disk storage and is ideal for maintaining huge amount of user data on multiple servers.

Businesses can benefit from cheap Cloud Hosting as it offers flexibility, reliability, scalability, and availability and that too at a reasonable price. It also does not require a huge investment in hardware and software infrastructure. Cloud Hosting delivers a virtual solution with the infrastructure and software seamlessly distributed across multiple servers. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of availing typical expensive hosting services, you must go for a cheap cloud hosting service that will surely prove to be beneficial for you in all aspects.