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Cloud Computing Providers

As the meme goes and so as its amusement, we won’t just say that Cloud computing is MAGIC. It would be tragic for our audience that also includes home and non-technical users. However, there is a lot about Cloud computing that is magical- one being its ability to cut the hassle and expenditures of the conventionally maintained in-house IT infrastructure.

Anyways, Cloud Computing is a technological revolution. It now forms a technology that has highly diversified the way we perform our IT operations. Virtualization in its true essence and core in Cloud Computing, allows users to manage and perform all of the IT related operations from a single machine.

To break it more down- Cloud computing providers employ clusters and grids of servers (gigantic computers) which are put at the disposal of users, virtually. This is why, these grid of servers are denoted as Clouds. The user can then use the Cloud servers for hosting website, applications, and softwares and as a massive storage solution. This is also how the varied segments of Cloud computing are formed, segregated from one another and offered by carious Cloud computing providers.

The service that lets you host websites and applications into the Cloud servers is held together between IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service). Similarly the services that let you host software into the servers is Known as SaaS (Software as a Service) and finally, for storage-this segment of Cloud Computing is referred to as StaaS (storage as a service).

Time to grow up with Cloud Computing Providers – Find-out Some Benefits!

Now that you know the basics of how these segments are offered by Cloud computing providers,  lets discuss some of the greatest features of Cloud Computing providers that all add up to its benefits.

  • Scalable Resources

As you know that Cloud Computing employs multitude of servers for the use of user, hence, all the resources encompassed in those servers are scalable. This feature is mainly given high importance in the IaaS and PaaS segments by Cloud computing providers.

As users utilize these segments to host their whole online presences on the Cloud, scalability allows them to put the resource-richness of the Cloud at the disposal of their websites.  In this way, they get fast and responsive websites that are highly accessible and omnipresent on the internet.

  • Usage Based Billing

Cloud computing providers through their offerings literally revolutionize the way we previously performed IT oriented tasks. In terms of web hosting, we were previously rented out the main resources of the server that was allotted to us.

However, in Cloud computing although there is a Grid of servers but all the resources are utilizable by the users on pay-as-you-go basis. In this way nothing goes to waste and when users  avail these services from of Cloud computing providers, they pay only for the resources they use.

  • High Availability

This is the main feature of the Cloud which promises high availability of the resources for your domains and of the Clouds themselves. Once you utilize the Cloud to host your website or your data, you can rest assured about the high availability of its resources.

And even if one of the servers from your Cloud computing providers Cloud, goes down, you are guaranteed to be allotted another server quickly. With Cloud computing providers, in this way, you enjoy healthy up time for your domain and for your data.

  • Robust Security

Once you involve data, it’s obvious to be concerned about its safety. This is why to eliminate your concerns and provide you with a worry less Cloud experience, Cloud Computing providers employ strict Security protocols that envelop your data and keep it safe.

End to end encryption, strict authorization schemes, firewalls, and VPNs inhibit any loopholes in the security of your data that assailants may use to wiggle through.

Best Cloud Computing Providers – The Series of ‘5’

We believe that it’s essential for our readers to know that who rules the world of Cloud. As you know that there are many segments of Cloud Computing, hence the prevalent IT industry is chock full of Cloud computing providers, excelling in their trait and offering users one of the segments. Cloud computing providers offering are often coupled with their own distinctive features.

However, among them, there are Big players as well, especially companies that have been recognized by the public and industry tycoons as well, to be providing the best offerings with quality support and representation. Read on below as we tell you some of the Top Notch Cloud computing providers in the field of IaaS, PaaS, StaaS and SaaS.

» IaaS Providers of 2013 – Top 5 Options to Consider

Infrastructure as a Service providers put whole virtual machines at the disposal of users. Users can than integrate the feel and functionality of their own choice into that infrastructure and use it for variety of IT operations.

Over here, utilizing Public infrastructure allows users to scale their resources according to their needs. Below we have put together some of 2013’s best IaaS Cloud computing providers into our traditional top five styled list.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
2 Amazon $0.016/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
3 GoGrid $0.06/hr . ..... Provider Profile
4 HPCloud $0.04/hr . ..... Provider Profile
5 Joyent $0.030/hr . ..... Provider Profile

» PaaS Providers of 2013 – Top 5 Options to Consider

Cloud computing providers for Platform as a Service allow users to access pre-configured IaaS and integrate it with a platform of their own choice. Organizations that provide users with their bench mark of PaaS, in one way are related with the varied IaaS providers, specifically public IaaS.

They acquire IaaS from IaaS providers, configure it to support a certain web development application and provide it to users as PaaS. Another great segment that is often associated with PaaS is the managed services.

Over here, a certain Pass provider manages all the system administrative operations of user so that they can focus more on operations and tasks other than that. Here are the top 5 best PaaS Cloud computing providers of 2013.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Engine Yard $196.25/mo . ..... ProviderProfile
2 AppFog $20.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 DotCloud $8.64/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 Heroku $35.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 Cloudways $14.95/mo . ..... ProviderProfile

» SaaS Providers of 2013 – Top 5 Options to Consider

Software as a Service, as the name suggest, provides users with softwares, which can either be system softwares or application softwares. As these softwares are hosted on the cloud, users can assess them on demand via web browsers.

This facility from Cloud computing providers, limits the hassle of users involved in software purchase and licensing. Some of the softwares provided to the users as SaaS include messaging and office software, management software, CAD software, DBMS software, development software and more. Here, are some of the well known software as Service Cloud computing providers that we have compiled into our 2013’s best SaaS Providers list.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Salesforce $5.00/mo . ..... ProviderProfile
2 NetSuite $499.00/yr . ..... Provider Profile
3 Intacct $400/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 Apprenda $35.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 Cloud9 $12.00/mo . ..... ProviderProfile

» StaaS Providers of 2013 – Top 5 Options to Consider

Let alone above mentioned segments of Cloud computing, this segment too has a lot to contribute to the development of Cloud technology. Storage as a service commonly known as Cloud Storage or Cloud backups; provides users with a gigantic repository to store their files online.

Not only this, Cloud computing providers via there storage also allows users to segregate their Cloud storage into public and private compartments, share accesses, share files and perform online streaming of their stored media files. Below is a list of 2013’s best StaaS Cloud computing providers.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 Livedrive $6.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 JustCloud $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 Box $15.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile

Cloud Computing Providers – It’s the future; make a Smart Move

We believe that the above mentioned details would have clearly led you to understand the importance of Cloud computing and the features of its varied segments. It’s the raft of new technologies such as this that have with time facilitated many individuals and businesses -and have also enticed many larger IT organizations to make great fortunes by stepping into the industry as vendors.

As for our compilations of the best Cloud computing providers, we know that lists as this one always invite healthy debate among the readers regarding who is and more importantly, who hasn’t been named. However, we would love to add your recommendations as well, so do let us know what do you think.