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Cloud is rapidly gaining position in technology market, and so as the Mac OS. There are around 8% of users worldwide, who prefers using Macintosh over other operating systems.Cloud Storage for Mac

It’s a common perception that only Apple corporation produces software compatible with Mac OS. Just for example it is generally assumed that Apple devices like iPad, iPhone are only supported by platform of iCloud.

Simple answer to this query is a big ‘Not True’. There are numerous Mac Cloud storage providers offering overwhelming features at quite feasible pricing plan. Best Mac Cloud storage providers have specifically designed and developed their cloud infrastructure to perfect suit users operating Mac OS.

Best Cloud Storage for Mac – The List

Cloudreviews presents the Mac Cloud storage providers from the best cloud storage services in the market today, with abundance of innovative features to backup your digital data and deliver seamless accessibility on desired grounds.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 iCloud $20/yr . ..... Provider
2 JustCloud $4.49/mo . ..... Provider
3 ZipCloud $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
4 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider
5 GoogleDrive $2.49/mo . ..... Provider
6 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider
7 SkyDrive $1.66/mo . ..... Provider
8 Carbonite $59.00/yr . ..... Provider
9 Mozy $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
10 Box $9.99/mo . ..... Provider
11 Egnyte $24.99/mo . ..... Provider
12 Amazon Cloud Drive $20/yr . ..... Provider
13 SpiderOak $10.00/mo . ..... Provider
14 IDrive $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
15 BackBlaze $3.96/mo . ..... Provider

Do you really need a Cloud Storage – Why?

Although, the manufacturer is different ‘Apple Inc.’ – devices are different ‘iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.’ and operating system is different ‘Mac OS’ but requirements and risk are similar.

In fact, when it comes to storage space, security risk, backup recovery – there are no difference at user end. However, designing your infrastructure in compatibility to support Mac platform enables these Mac Cloud storage providers a competitive advantage to best cater your services.

What is best about Cloud Storage Providers?

They offer you up to unlimited storage space and would charge you only for the space you occupy. If you are Mac user and require backup for important documents, precious photograph, favorite music tracks, high definition videos for easier and faster accessibility from anywhere with your device – you really need Mac Cloud Storage.

Overwhelming Features of Cloud Storage Mac

It is not just feature enriched that assist in escalating your productivity but also highly secured. Let’s ponder upon some features and benefits Mac user can attain by selecting best Mac Cloud storage provider.

– Easy Usability:

Mac Cloud requires you to install a simple and small-sized utility, which makes a magic drive on your device. Just drag and drop files on this drive like you generally store files in any folder on your system, except the fact that every files will automatically sync into your cloud account for backup recovery and to be accessed from anywhere.

– Secure Data Storage:

Best Mac Cloud storage providers offer 256 bit encryption, which ensures your digital data is not vulnerable to unwanted recipients. Data is secured while traveling in to data center by SSL (secured socket layer).

Your data will always be accessible to you only; even the employees at Mac Cloud Storage Company cannot access it. You can additionally increase protection by allotting a password.

– Worldwide Accessibility:

Mac Cloud storage increases your accessibility limits to maximum, you can access your cloud account and every files within, from anywhere round the clock with any remote device.

It is not mandatory to install the application to access your space, intuitive web interface allows you to upload, download or even edit document directly from the browser.

– File Sharing and Collaboration:

File sharing is easier with Mac Cloud storage; it lets you collaborate with your work team for better coordination and improved productivity.

The good thing about file sharing feature is the provision for sending large files rapidly to selected recipients, which was previously not possible with email due to size restriction. File sharing also includes thumbnail previews, secured links, comment field and tracking option.

– File Accessibility & Format Support:

Mac Cloud storage enables you to store all type of digital files, regardless of any format & filing type.

This means you can virtually backup anything you want, with improved flexibility as the file size restriction is not imposed. Unlimited storage space gives a peace of mind that your virtual disk won’t be filled, ever.

– Customer Assistance:

Supplemented with useful assistance – it’s another great feature accompanied with various others that help in resolving customer issue by Mac Cloud storage providers. E-books, guides, email & phone support is provisioned around the clock throughout the year.

– Feasible Payment Mode:

Pay as you grow, that is what makes Mac Cloud storage most feasible option in the market. You will be charged only for the space and services you acquire. You don’t have to pay for the hard drives and file servers but only for the services.

Let’s get started with Mac Cloud Storage

Mac Cloud Storage will provide you with the services you really deserve for your Mac operating system – so why not give a shot to gains benefits and enjoy innovative features from these best Mac Cloud storage providers.