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Drupal Managed Hosting

One of the most popular and sought after open-source content-management systems in the U.S Federal Government – Drupal – is gaining in popularity as if it to prove to the competition just who really is in the seat of the government!

The image below demonstrates just how popular the software has become in the public sector.

Drupal Managed Hosting

Drupal apparently scores high with the federal government and its agencies. According to a recent Infographics on the matter, 24 percent of all .gov websites use Drupal, as part of a Digital Government strategy that aims to use the software to help the Government in consolidating the scattered state of affairs across various websites and multiple platforms.

For example, the Energy Department saved roughly $10 million in 2011 after putting the capabilities of Drupal to gather the scattered landscape of the Department’s websites. Another example is the New York State Senate, where Drupal usage extends to building a dedicated mobile application for Senate.

Content for Citizens

Drupal has allowed much of what the Government has initiated in the form of a Digital Government. Timely and relevant information is key in connecting with the crowd of your constituencies. Who knows, perhaps, open source is the way forward, not just for technologies, but also for Mankind as a whole.

The change that Drupal has enabled is the dissemination of information. The rich content distribution and the technologies in place are redefining the way state and federal websites are built, accessed, and received. To demonstrate this, take the example of the Federal Communications Commission, which uses Drupal to allow the public to access the Commission’s content easily.

Drupal Managed Hosting

The Drupal4Gov Managed Hosting from Cloudways is an award in its own right! It allows Governments to take advantage of the open source software and benefit from an excellent solution to the many challenges they face and the information security requirements they need to fulfill. Drupal4Gov as an open source platform in the cloud will harness the power of communities to extend the functionalities of the open source platform to unimaginable lengths.

Building a site with open source solutions means that there’s a good chance that one of your constituents contributed to your web software. With the Managed Drupal4Gov Hosting with Cloudways, you can be sure that you are encouraging innovation, while at the same time lessening waste that comes from repeating development work that has already been done. Drupal4Gov enables you to take advantage of the robust architectural security along with a quick and easy way to meet your Governments’ complex needs.

Drupal Managed Hosting – The Elastic Cloud Benefits!

Drupal Managed Hosting is one of the services on Cloudways, the leading managed hosting providers of choice, and also offers the Drupal4Gov managed hosting services as part of the company’s offering and support for the public sector.

With flexible plans that come with FREE premium 24/7/365 Technical Support, Live Monitoring & Daily Backups for all plans, with the Cloudways Managed Drupal4Gov Cloud Hosting, you can enjoy the following core benefits:

  • One click deployment of the most accessible and secure open source CMS for government available.
  • Scalable and robust
  • Complete Drupal4Gov features
  • Integrated with Drupal views for better view of data
  • Integration with Drupal WebForm for easy collection and storing of information
  • Fully managed Drupal4Gov hosting
  • Global managed support team

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