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free online backup services

Keeping in mind, how our lives just revolve around information technology, we spend each day garnering data into our computers. Even if we start asking people randomly, how chock full their PCs are, it would take them day to narrate the list of files, documents, folders, movies, songs, and images etc all important and even cherished.

Now, imagine your computer, piled up with such prized information or essential files that though you can’t remember but for safe keeping is residing there, crashes-can you imagine the loss. Would you be able to roll back such information that took you a lifetime to garner, not to mention certain files that were so important that have no substitute?

Obviously not!  Without any backup plan you certainly cannot and if you are considering fragile portable drives to store your data, we wish you luck in that. But don’t forget that what portable rhymes with, forgettable, miss-able, crash-able (malfunction-able). Get the picture! We can only hope so.

When do we Need a Free Online Backup Solution, and Why?

free online backupWe all do need a Free Online Backup solution for all our valuable data and files to keep them safe and to our reach, all the time. But there is a specific time when we need it the most – and that will be the time when someone eventually tells us that YOU have lost all your data.

We believe it will be the worst ever moment of your life when you come to know that all the precious data which you have stored on your PC’s are no longer there, and cannot be restored. So like i mentioned earlier, the need of a Free Online Backup is there all the time, and free here, refers to a point where you suppose not to invest, before evaluating the service of a vendor, by testing, actually.

Irrespective of several benefits tied up with Free Online Backup services, we should also take a look at one significant component of a free online backup solution which i think should bring into the notice of users before they try, or invest in any of the free online backup service provider.

best free online backupMost of the free online backup solution providers do not save the copy of deleted files – in short; they do not keep a file versioning of your data files. Hence, it overwrites your entire data.  Above all, you don’t need to worry about your data when you hold up with an Online Backup solution. Its keeps all your data synced, stored and to your reach with a single click.

While there are certain perquisite which should be evaluated or keep an eye on it before making a decision for a Free Online Backup, or for the paid one. Here are some of the essential elements that need to be conisder while opting from any of the Free Online Backup ServicesStorage Size, Synchronization, Reliability, Security, Easy of Use, and etc…

Money is not everything, it’s your data which worths a lot.

Best Free Online Backup The List of all the Backups to Backup your Data

free online backupIn this post we keep our traditional Top ten style flow upholding – we have compiled some of the best free online backup service providers. Consider their ratings or do comparisons and catch the best free online backup service providers from our list.

We believe that you will have several choices in mind when you take a look at our collection. Don’t get confused – all of them are equally good. But some vendors have something unique in their services which make their appearance stand out in the market. Choose one or multiple, it is up to you to decide – Go ahead with it.

Rank Vendor Price Space Trial Rating Visit Site
1 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo 15MB . ..... Provider Profile
2 Mozy $5.99/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
3 Livedrive $6.00/mo 15GB . ..... Provider Profile
4 SugarSync $7.49/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
5 BackBlaze $3.96/mo 15GB . ..... Provider Profile
6 CrashPlan $2.00/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
7 SpiderOak $10.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
8 iDrive $4.95/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
9 ZipCloud $4.95/mo 15MB . ..... Provider Profile
10 Dropbox $9.99/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
11 Carbonite $59.00/yr 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
12 Copy $10.00/mo 15GB . ..... Provider Profile
13 Wuala $3.68/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
14 Acronis $4.95/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
15 SOSOnlineBackup $79.99/yr 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
16 Box $15.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
17 Wuala $3.68/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
18 MegaCloud $9.99/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
19 OpenDrive $5.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
20 CX $4.99/mo 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
21 MiMedia $4.99/mo 7GB . ..... Provider Profile
22 SkyDrive $1.66/mo 7GB . ..... Provider Profile
23 Amazon Cloud Drive $10.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
24 SurDoc $2.00/mo 100GB . ..... Provider Profile
25 MediaFire $9/mo 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
26 YouSendIt $9.99/mo 2GB . ..... ProviderProfile
27 Adrive $6.95/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
28 GoogleDrive $2.49/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
29 FlipDrive $4.97/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
30 iCloud $20.00/yr 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
31 Glide N/A 30GB . ..... Provider Profile
32 MixtureCloud $13/mo 30GB . ..... Provider Profile
33 TheDataLocker $2.99/mo 30GB . ..... Provider Profile
34 DivShare $39.95/yr 20GB . ..... Provider Profile
35 4shared $9.95/mo 15GB . ..... Provider Profile
36 Alfresco $49.00/mo 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
37 DigitalLifeBoat $12.95/yr 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
38 Minus N/A 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
39 nivio $35.00/mo 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
40 UpForDown N/A 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
41 Uploadingit $10/yr 10GB . ..... Provider Profile
42 AVG $87.00/yr 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
43 Crawler N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
44 Fabasoft $6.39/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
45 HiDrive $9.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
46 Jottacloud $1.7/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
47 Inbox N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
48 Lenovo N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
49 MediaLightBox $9.95/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
50 OxygenCloud $N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
51 Panmind $5.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
52 Qdrive N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
53 StorageMadeEasy $3.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
54 Pogoplug $4.95/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
55 Ubuntu One $2.99/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
56 Backjack $8.00/mo 4GB . ..... Provider Profile
57 ZenOk $5.00/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
58 Zoolz $7.00/mo 4GB . ..... Provider Profile
59 Cloudme $6.39/mo 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
60 DriveONWeb $2.87/3mo 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
61 TouroCloudBackup $59.00/yr 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
62 Memopal $49.00/yr 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
63 OFile $19.95/yr 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
64 SafeCopy $50.00/yr 3GB . ..... Provider Profile
65 BackupFusion $0.01/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
66 Asus WebStorage N/A 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
67 BackUPMax $4.95/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
68 Binfire $9.95/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
69 Cloudbackupbank N/A 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
70 Bitdefender N/A 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
71 Cloudsafe $2.99/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
72 Cortado $4.97/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
73 Computerbuild Cloud $6.39/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
74 Cubby $6.99/mo 5GB . ..... Provider Profile
75 Dell DataSafe Online $29.00/yr 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
76 Dmailer N/A 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
77 ftopia $25.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
78 Gigmax N/A 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
79 GoAruna $4.97/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
80 Kitedrive $15.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
81 MyDrive $1.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
82 MyOtherDrive $5.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
83 Syncplicity $15.00/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
84 TeamDrive $7.5/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
85 PowerFolder N/A 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
86 Safeberg $24.78/yr 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
87 ScreenCast $9.99/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
88 Tilana $49.95yr 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
89 TyphoonDrive $7.50/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
90 YakTab $2.99/mo 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
91 Yuuwaa $39.11/yr 2GB . ..... Provider Profile
92 FilesAnyWhere $2.95/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
93 DriveHQ $1.99/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
94 BackupandShare N/A 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
95 LongTailVideo $19.95/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
96 ClubBackup $4.95/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
97 MyLivePage N/A 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
98 CoffeeCup $4.95/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
99 StoreBigFile $151.2/yr 1GB . ..... Provider Profile
100 StoreBigFile $2.99/mo 1GB . ..... Provider Profile

So what’s an Effective Free Online Backup Plan? Let’s go deeper

free online backup servicesWith such essentials or collections in your computer, why not invest in a powerful backup system that holds nearly every detail about your computer in it. So that once in-case you do suffer from a system fail-over, you can quickly get back or restore your computer’s hard drive to its previous form. It’s all pretty easy with a Free Online Backup option, or rather with the paid one as well, in more pro way.

Did I just say Invest? Yes! Definitely invest only a bit of your time as these smart backup plans that we are talking about are absolutely free.

It’s the revolutionized online backup services that some Top Notch Cloud providers offer to users with which they can backup their entire computers online and can access or restore them from anywhere they want. So no more hassle and worries about storing your precious files on portable devices that too are prone to fail.

Moving Ahead – What Basically is an Online Backup Service? 

The essence of Cloud computing has surely made us harness the true potential of information technology with our work cultures. Now, virtualized usage of IT infrastructure has led us to work worry-less and without any costly over-runs for acquiring hardware and online backup services

As basically now we have grid of servers (Clouds) that are gigantic data centers which we can use to host anything from systems to software’s. These Clouds contain gazillion bytes of storage which are then catered to the people as Cloud storage and Cloud backup.

Cloud storage and Cloud backup services are offered as a separate plan to users with which they have the ability to store their data on the Cloud, which are secure and also allow them to access it from anywhere in the world via internet.

Secondly, most of these Cloud vendors provide quite a handsome amount of storage and features to users for free. Can you imagine the ease you can have with a couple of these Cloud storage providers at your disposal while you secure your entire computers? It will be simply remarkable, I believe! For me it is like everything I need to be to backup all my memories of life.

Free Online Backup – Your way to go Freely!

These versatile free online backup providers can surely relieve you from the pains of data loss and system crash. Certain Cloud backup service providers also provide users the ability to synchronize their backups with all the other devices which they use. free online backupSome even extend their services to smart phones and tablets. In this way you can also share your data with a multitude of devices.

However, if you would like to have extra storage, besides the one that you get for free, you might be charged a nominal fee which we believe is totally justified in view of the great features each Cloud providers has to offer. So wait no more and start your backup right now so you may easily restore your computer to its initial elements quickly after a fail-over.