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Magento Cloud- A Brief Introduction

Magento is an open source based e-commerce suite of applications which has the capability to be integrated with cloud computing infrastructure. A variety of tools are bundled with Magento which are required for building an on-line shop. It is built based on Zend Framework which uses Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) database model.

The Zend Framework is useful for building fast and robust websites . It has got flexible architecture with provision for simplicity and high productivity. This framework is usually required when sufficient complexity is desirable to be incorporated in the website. The Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV)  data model is used to describe entities whose attributes are many but the number of attributes that will actually apply are relatively much less.

The Magento was launched on March 31, 2008 to provide online merchants and webmasters, the flexibility over the look, functionality, and content of the on-line store. It has got powerful marketing features, search engine optimization tailor made for unique business needs. The platform helps a business grow by providing scalability, and flexibility. Its powerful administrative features allow merchants to setup an on-line store with the help of few clicks. It comes with a set of very useful tools which helps the merchant to manage everything from orders to product availability.

Magento Cloud Hosting- The Reliable Names!

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 Magento Cloud Hosting

Magento Cloud Hosting- Revealing Features

As described above, Magento is among the foremost open-source platform that empowers business entities diversify their business by integrating this fast & robust application platform to build several websites. Let us now look at some of the features Magento offers:

1- Analytics and Reporting

  • Integration with Google Analytics to have detailed information about visits to the website.
  • Reporting tools for product stock, sales, and other related information.

2- Catalog Management

  • Simple navigation functions for customers with the help of filtering system.
  • Capability to manage fully dynamic catalog system, which includes options for product display.
  • Import / export feature for offline batch updates for the products.
  • Efficient integration with back-office systems.
  • Management of products, related prices, tax, manages the products, related prices, tax rates and customer groups.

3- Product Browsing

  • Large number of functions for product creation.
  • Feature(s) selection for customers, such as multiple images for a product, availability, reviews.

4- Site Management

  • Management of multiple stores from single administration panel.

5- Very Easy Checkout

  • Simplified Checking Out which is one of the most complicated processes in on-line order placement. This is known as “One Page Check Out”, and results in an increase in sales use for customers.
  • Guest checkout with provision for integration with multiple payment gateways and with alternative payment methods.

6- Search Engine Optimization

  • Efficient search optimization techniques making it search engine facility.

7- Order Management

  • View orders, generate invoice / receipt, sales orders, and credit memos.
  • Timeline along with the amount of orders placed, and e-mail notification.
  • Shipment records
  • Credit memos (refunds)
  • View order history
  • Backend order creation

8- Product Browsing

  • Product images with feature for extensive reviews, etc.

9- Customer Accounts

Tracking order status with history, email and RSS feeds for products, billing and shipping address, newsletter and subscription

10- Customer Service

  • Forms, order tracking and history, customized order e-mails.
  • Access to customers to view order status, and product tracking information.
  • Contact Us form.
  • View of customer account information, shopping carts, and wishlists by Customer Service Agents via Call Center Dashboard.

11- Shipping

  • Real time carrier rates with provision for account specific rates, flat / table rates.
  • Shipment to multiple destinations, and shipping rates.

12- Checkout

  • Simple one page checkout, support for SSL and support for checkout without an account.

13- Marketing, Promotions, and Tools

  • Marketing plans and discounts offered.

Magento Cloud – Last Words!

The mentioned features and other available features make Magento one of the best e-commerce software suites available today. The amazing fact is that it has only been and already it has become one of the most sought after product. The growth has simply been phenomenal.