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Managed WordPress Hosting

No matter how great you make your WordPress website with quality design and engaging content, at the end of the day, it will have little effect on your visitors if they find your website sluggish or hard to reach. Let’s be honest! If you are a technical person, you can take care of the speed and scaling issues on your WordPress website all by yourself.

You might even find integrating modules like Varnish and Memcached, as well as employing PHP-FPM and NGINX entertaining. However, if you are not, then looking into Managed WordPress Hosting can be the only practical option for you.

Managed WordPress has multitudinous advantages tied up with – whether you are technical or non-technical, it will help you with everything you need. From a simple website hosting to robust and reliable platform for your business – Managed WordPress Hosting is an ideal solution to fit yourself in this particular domain.

Managed WordPress Hosting – Is it Right For You?

Running a CMS like WordPress, which is a far better website builder on its own than other platforms, has its pros, but it does have its own share of troubles too. Although, it may be true that you could probably keep your WordPress website updated with current plug-ins and themes, but in case they are broken, and causing your website to slow down, you cannot turn to your cloud hosting provider to solve them (I’m sure many would attest to that).

Not only that, it also requires extensive time management and expertise (as mentioned earlier) to tackle system administrative tasks that can become a liability in the long-run.

This is why there is a new breed of hosting providers who offer Managed WordPress Hosting solutions to target WordPress users specifically, and to provide them with support in WordPress-related issues. Secondly, they cater to the needs of WordPress users via well-maintained and the proficient Cloud environment that are configured for optimum WordPress performance.

Best Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting – Comparing the 10 Best Options

Here is the list of  best Managed WordPress hosting Providers. Each one of them are equally great in accordance to the services they offered. Maintaining our traditional Top ten style, our team have listed some of the best Managed WordPress hosting players of the industry which you can evaluate at your own. – before moving ahead with any of them.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 WPEngine $29.00/mo . ..... Provider
2 Cloudways $14.95/mo . ..... Provider
3 Zippykid $25.00/mo . ..... Provider
4 $9.00/mo . ..... Provider
5 Site5 $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
6 Snapwp $8.00/mo . ..... Provider
7 KahunaHost $20.00/mo . ..... Provider
8 Synthesis $27/mo . ..... Provider
9 LightingBase $9.95/mo . ..... Provider
10 CloudyPress N/A . ..... Provider

How Can Managed WordPress Hosting Solve Your WP Issues?

A Managed WordPress Hosting solution is like a technically qualified personal assistant on your side, to help you in improving the functionality and user experience of your WordPress website. Here is a reply to the question posted above earlier.

# 1 – Resource Provisioning and Scalability

Expert support from Managed WordPress hosting assures that your website enjoys adequate resource provisioning which guarantee your website a seamless uptime even during high traffic spikes.

Here is where the scalability feature of the cloud environment plays its part, and you get to add as many resources to your domain as you require. However, in a managed cloud hosting you will not even have to worry about resource or server scheduling as these duties are performed by experts themselves.

# 2 – Rental-Free Pricing that scales your Business:

Unlike traditional hosting, which exhausts users with charges on bandwidth, memory and resources they did not even use, Managed WordPress Hosting disrupts the traditional approach to web hosting pricing model. Cloud users are charged only for the resources they use on the pay-as-you-go basis.

# 3 – Vigilance with Top Maintenance

Managed WordPress hosting relieves users from system administration activities and inhibit all modular and plug-in oriented issues that put your website’s functionality at stake. Round the log vigilance catches any bug or issue at its origin and eliminates it to give you  peace of mind.

# 4 – Robust Security

Managed WordPress hosting safeguards your websites with timely monitoring and incorporates all necessary precautions to protect you from Cyber crooks. End to end encryption at the provider’s end as well as at the user’s end coupled with firewalls, VPNs and more keep the internet bad guys at bay.

# 5 – Great Turnout & Load faster

As it is the experts themselves catering to your online needs, your website enjoys a fast turnout and accessibility. Managed WordPress Hosting providers utilize the best content delivery networks in their trait so that your website loads fast even in the farthest corners of the alcove.

# 6 – Freebies

In addition to CDNs, Some Managed WordPress hosting Providers also offer premium WordPress themes and plug-ins which when deployed, can make your WordPress site more alluring and efficient.

# 7 – Efficient Disaster Recovery Plans

In case of failovers, crashes or any other fallacies, timely backups performed by system executives in managing WordPress hosting ensures a smooth and quick disaster recovery.

#8 – Round the Clock Support

If that is not enough users can always ring to the provider for any query or problem at any time of the day. Managed WordPress hosting providers guarantee their full potential to sort out any problem that users face. 

If you aren’t Tech Savvy, then Managed WordPress Hosting can get you Home Safe!

The top notch players of Managed WordPress Hosting, as well as the key attributes they offer to WP users, will surely help you in making up your mind. It is important to host your online business on a reliable network, and considering this case, we do also prefer WordPress.

If you are a non-technical user then Managed WordPress Hosting simplifies your work load and takes over all the essential responsibilities from you. Not only this, as you would be releaved from your domains system administration via Managed WordPress Hosting – you can then excel more in your business prospects.

However, if you have tried Managed WordPress hosting or WordPress-as-a–service, we would love to hear your experience. Please have your say below in the comments.

Managed WordPress Hosting