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Best Online Backup

We have discussed a couple of times in our previous posts about cloud storage services – its benefits, uses, and other components. But today, we are directing our attention to a momentous domain of Online Backup – which we believe is of high importance, for everyone.

We all use PCs, Laptops, Smart phones and related products at home, work , schools and on the roll as well. For every internet or tech savvy, what’s most important, is the Data. And the worst moment is when you at a sudden come know that all your precious data or files – including pictures, music, videos, presentations, work sheets and other vital documents  are LOST.

It happens to everyone but do you know what can be done as solution to such happening, how you can save yourself from the turmoil of hard drive crashes, power failure, incident of theft, natural disaster, or any other incidents that cause you to lose data. The answer is ”backups”, not ordinary backups that you would do in fragile portable drives and CDs but “Online Backups” that would allow you to save your data in the proficient clouds.

This is why our today’s post, will underline the importance of Online Backup Services keeping in view several elements that are equally important with suggestion of some of the Best Online Backup Services in our traditional top-ten style. Let’s go step by step now!

What do we need to keep our Data & Memories Safe; will it be Online Backup Services?

Likewise we mentioned earlier – our data is our life! And it will always be. So we need something pretty reliable which can eliminate the risk of losing data from any of the aforementioned events.

Here, the concept of backing up your entire data on an off-site location comes on the board. It’s Online Backup Services that entirely saves all your data & allow users to restore and access all their files with a single click. No more stress and worries now, as Online Backup Services procure an easy to use and secure option to take care of your data, proficiently.

Online Backup Services has tied up with lots of amazing features and benefits. The concept of acting-when-it’s-already- late has been eradicated with the help of Online Backup Services. It automates the backup function running on your PC’s and imprints them on your Clouds in real time.

10 Best Online Backup Services – Your way to go!

Choosing best online backup service provider to cater to your needs might become difficult these days. As there are several online backup services available in the market with similar features, it is a difficult task to choose one. Hence, we have compiled a list of best online backup service providers which can be the best option for you.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Livedrive $6.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 CrashPlan $2.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 BackBlaze $3.96/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 Carbonite $59.00/yr . ..... Provider Profile
6 ZipCloud $4.95/mo . ..... Provider Profile
7 Mozy $5.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
8 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
10 iBackup $4.95/mo . ..... Provider Profile

Who would be likely to use Online Backup Services?

Together, we all should use online backup services but to break down it little further and in detail – we have divided the usage of best online backup with respect to the categories and level of exploiters which we think are likely to be the users of online backup services. Perhaps, you can find yourself in any of the below described category.

Do Students have a need to use Online Backup Services?

Online Backup Services for StudentsYes they do! Because for the most part they are involved in making presentations, research papers and several other documents and keep all these stuff somewhere in their local drives, USB’s or even on Smart phones. We know that it isn’t safe where they have stored it since anything bad can happen to their data.

So for students, it is essential to keep a backup of their files on the cloud where they can access, restore and share their data with their friends and team. With an added feature of file synchronization that comes along with any of the best online backup services, they also have the ability to sync their data on all of their devices-say their smart phones, tablets, laptops etc.

[P.S: We know, Students are always on a tight budget – don’t worry folks, online backup services are more affordable than you think].

Are Online Backup Services workable for Average PC Users?

Online Backup ServicesIf you are an average PC user and don’t think that online backup services aren’t linked up with you then you are mistaken. Online Backup is for everyone. As mentioned earlier from average home users to offices – everybody uses computers and every computer holds in it various kinds of data such as music, pictures, documents, programs and what not.

So it is imperative to have best online backup services around your circles. Online backup services is just the thing for all kind of average or home users to get pleased with an instant and automated online backup solution – its make life easier for everyone!

Do SMB’s look over at Online Backup Services?

Online Backup ServiceIf you are running a business, you might be using some sort of collaboration tool to get together on board with your employees or colleagues. Businesses are altogether dependent on digital files and documents. Their primary concern is to keep all data up-to-date and backed up so that they can have it with them all the time.

Online backup services help businesses of all size in keeping their data safe and accessible all the time. By using best online backup services – businesses will be tensionless from any kind of data loss, theft or any other circumstances that can happen. Though, as compared to average users, demand of SMB’s are pretty high that is to say, online backup services plan are reasonably more expensive.

Online Backup Services for Geeks & Tech Savvy

Online Backup ServiceDo you love storing and keeping terabytes of files on your drive to keep updated with all the latest happening in the industry? Then you are no different than us. Such people who own TB’s of archived data are the real ones who require unlimited online backup services – because they keep on adding data all the time.

All their NAS and external drives might be overloaded with data and they must need off-site solutions which are best online backup services, to remain worriless from data crash and from running out of space. Online backup services have innumerable attributes for all kind of businesses to increase overall productivity of their business and safeguard their valuable data.

Online Backup Services – Which Feature do you look for?

Individuals and businesses have different needs for choosing best online backup services from any host. However; each of them has different needs on the basis of which they would particularly evaluate online backup service provider before stepping ahead. To some, storage space matters and to some security is primary thing to look for in online backup services.

Below given, are some of the outstanding features offered by online backup services. Each of them is important, but it matters which you think is the most essential concern of your company before investing in any online backup service.

Super Fast Backup:

Online backup services offer super fast and automatic backups which are as fast as lightning. This feature is among the core element of an online backup service which also includes incremental backups and continuous backups.

All the backups are 100% automated and it eliminates the risk of data outage as it keeps the original data at a safe place. Online backup services allow you to set backup circulation at “manual” but you can set it on automatic online backup as well, which is also recommended. All online backups are managed automatically and users are being notified through reports and logs.

Ease of Use:

The use and interface of online backup services is pretty easy and simple. You don’t need to bang yourself around with any of the chosen best online backup service  – they allow their customers with an easy to use dashboard to operate, or even some technical grounds to understand how it work.

This is yet another outstanding feature of online backup solution. You can access your files anywhere and at anytime you want to – online backup services offer not only just ease of use but it also gives liberty to access and share their digital content with anyone around the world.

Versioning & Data De-Duplication:

File versioning keeps versions of your deleted files all the time you need. Some online backup services sets limit to a number of days while some online backup solutions permits it for a longer period. All the best online backup service options keep and maintain versions of files so in case any user may erroneously deleted any of their files – they can easily restore them.

Another significant point that comes in this feature is of data de-duplication, in which online backup services compress down the uploading cycle and save a lot of bandwidth. It only pertains with what has been scheduled via online backup solution.

Security & Data Encryption:

It’s fairly important to ask how secure online backup services are – because security is the main concern to everyone. You don’t need to worry about security and encryption of data and information as best online backup service providers take care of this in their own way.

One of the most advanced technique or you can say algorithm which an online backup solution uses is “448 bit blowfish encryption” which guarantees maximum protection. Best online backup service providers offer military grade security to their customers with an SSL based connection that assures absolute security of data and seamless transaction, globally.

Remote Accessibility & Sharing of Files via Sync:

Most of the online backup services offer remote access feature and easy accessibility over multiple and different OS / Devices. Not just only backup, users can share, upload and sync all their data and files seamlessly.

It does not require a hefty procedure to follow or adapt. Many of the online backup solutions have an app to do all such tasks. So it doesn’t matter where you are – you can simply backup all your data even from a Smart phone with an app to tap.

Fervent Customer Support:

In this part of the world, providing customer services and that too, a good one gives an extra point to a vendor – so as in the case of online backup services.

Many of the best online backup services focus more on their technical support because there will be several cases where you need a technical support guy to help you out. We believe this is an essential feature an online backup service must have.

What Major Points to consider while Choosing an Online Backup Service?

While choosing an online backup service it is quite important that you should first be realistic about your own IT operations and consider a few points before tapping over any of the best online backup services. Here, is our take on certain considerations you need to regard while pursuing your prospect.

  • How Much storage do you need? It refers to the amount of space you would like to acquire from an online backup solution provider. The cloud model is made on pay-as-you-go and you have to decide at your end how much space you think is reasonable for you to organize and backup your data into it.
  • What Specific need do you have, in features? As discussed earlier, we all have different needs for which we are looking for online backup services to opt-in. So we need to ask ourselves what we need from an online backup company. Is it backups, storage, or any other?
  • Should I look for a Free Trial? That’s more important! Suppose you have decided a couple of online backup services option – now you will surely be double minded which one to go with, or invest in. Make it simple for you, try out bits of all of them – redeem the trial version and get a better idea which is the best online backup option you should take on.

  • Is it in your budget? It has been observed that people invest in companies without even reviewing what their pricing plans are. And eventually they turn their backs because of high pricing and suffer from lots of consequences. So it is imperative to take a look at the pricing plan and make sure your selected online backup host doesn’t have any hidden charges and neither is out of your budget.

Over To You- Decide Which Online Backup Service Suits You Best

Life is pretty beautiful and so does your data. We hope that the above discussion might help you in understanding the core elements of the emerging component of cloud based technology. If you haven’t started backing up yet – then don’t wait for the right time. It’s better to do what you can right now than crying over spilt milk later.

Choose from the above mentioned list some renowned and best online backup service providers and initiate your data backup now!