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What Really Is An Online Cloud Storage Service? 

Data and information nowadays is as important as any other asset for organizations as well as individuals. Like any valuable asset, it too is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. A fire, flood, bolt of lightning, or a power surge, hard drive failure and numerous other threats can materialize to destroy data stored on a computer / server or any external storage device / system.

With no way to definitely predict a calamity or disaster, storing data at multiple locations and keeping it concurrent is the best protection technique. This is where cloud computing services come in handy

Online cloud storage provides access to users, whereby they can view and edit the stored data as if it is stored locally. The users can upload files and then access it remotely using desktops, laptops, Smartphone, tablet and other networked device.

These access services include FTP, HTTP, in addition to content displaying services such as virtual storage, remote backup, image, audio, and video.  Of these mentioned services, video is the trickiest as it involves streaming and real time performance is desirable without any lags. This means that finding a good online video storage is not an easy task.

The reason is that video streaming consumes more bandwidth than what is required when downloading a document or streaming audio. The quality of this service depends upon the cloud service provider. Not all online cloud storage provides the feature of online video storage at the same time. But you can still have some best online video storage services available in the market.

Best Online Video Storage- The List!

The aforementioned names are the ones that do not need any introduction. We can name them as the big fishes of the industry. However, there are a number of alternatives available in the market which one can consider to try on. Based on the user reviews, price, storage space, ease of use and other factors, we have composed the list of best online video storage providers to execute your online video storage need.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 Mozy $5.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 Livedrive $6.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 JustCloud $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
6 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
7 Egnyte $24.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
8 CrashPlan $2.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 Carbonite $59.00/yr . ..... Provider Profile
10 YouSendIt $9.99/mo . ..... ProviderProfile

Let’s now briefly see what the following 3 cloud storage hosting companies that offer comparatively good video services over the cloud:

Box (formerly

The design is cool and offers a lot of social media tools including online video storage feature that adds to its excellence. It offers three types of accounts to its users given with monthly charges below:

  • Free Account with 5 GB of storage space and upload up to 25 MB
  • $ 10.00 for 25 GB storage and upload of up to 1 GB
  • $ 20.00 for 50 GB storage and upload of up to 1 GB

It allows the users to create private folders, share files. The uploading is very simple. The Box provides users with a number of applications such as Web Documents and Zoho. It also offers apps iPad and iPhone. It is the very user friendly and economical tool for the purpose of online video storage.

SOS Online Backup

Online Video Storage

The SOS Online is the most robust of the web sites that offer good online video storage services. The backup service suite offered is suitable for managing large amount of data. Unlike their competitors, SOS Online does not offer free services. Following are the yearly tariff that the web site offers:

  • $ 79.99 for 50 GB storage and upload of up to 1 GB
  • $ 99.95 for 00 GB storage and upload of up to 1 GB

Data can be uploaded with the help of Classic View allowing for maximum control through drag-and-drop options. It can also be done using SOS wizard which scans computer for video files among others to be backed up.

The site offers Live Protect feature which aids a user in selecting important files to be monitored by the SOS system. These files are automatically backed up online so that they are always available.

The site also offers an easy to use iPhone app which can be used to download, view and share files. Along with other features, SOS Online Backup also offers a comprehensive online video storage option for its users.


Users have to download an application to use the Dropbox service. This application is nothing but a folder on the local computer where files are placed for the backup. After a file is placed in the Dropbox folder, it is then uploaded to the Dropbox cloud, becoming accessible through Dropbox website.

These uploaded files are monitored by the service. You can store and retrieve your videos as well, making the Dropbox an effective tool to serve the purpose of online video storage

The mobile app offered by the site supports iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. Photos and videos taken from hand held devices can be directly uploaded to the site.

Online Video Storage- Last Words!

The time has gone when we used to keep our media files (pictures, audio & videos) on external drives. Now we have services like cloud storage which keep our valuable data under their safe and sound hood with innumerable benefits. One last word to finish up all this; Stop hitting the rocks, let’s fly into the clouds & enjoy the digital world!