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The architecture of a private cloud is such that, which is designed for a particular organization to manage its internal operations smoothly. Hosting of these operations can either be done externally or internally depending upon personal choice. However, the managed cloud services of it are for a limited and restricted number of users who wish to host their websites on it.

The entire operations of an organization that are run in private cloud follow firewall settings, which mean data stored is absolutely safe and secure and no third party is allowed to access or steal information on its own. With evolving cloud technology, more and more businesses are going with the idea of adapting cloud concept in order to become an economical power across the globe.

Although, the virtual world of computers requires sharp understanding to make it run smoothly and efficiently, it has a good scope for organizations to boost their web popularity and establish a strong clientele.

What does one look for when opting for Private Cloud Services?

Business enterprises go for private cloud managed services in order to make their In-house IT operations look more synchronized. Not only does it provide ample space for storing confidential data of the In-house IT premises, but also help people coordinate amongst each other in a better way. It runs on primarily two basic components that are as given below:

1- Cloud Monitoring:

Implementing a web based tool like best private cloud that not only takes care of the entire in-house IT infrastructure but also enables daily work tasks to operate in the smoothest way possible needs proper monitoring as well. Cloud monitoring is important so that even if any discrepancy occurs, you can resolve it within no time.

2- Cloud Management:

Managing cloud isn’t an easy task to do. It requires ample knowledge and skill to understand cloud concept completely. However, managing cloud whether it is a private or public cloud involves several risks as well. These risks comprise of designing an efficient disaster recovery and data backup plan etc. After going through vital points about what makes Best Private cloud more subtle and efficient than traditional IT methods, let us have a brief overview about its characteristics. The most vital ones are six of them. Let us ponder upon each one of them.

  • Focuses on Self-Service Portal Model:

    Best Private Cloud

A private cloud is deployed in the in-house IT premises with the view to provide a green and scalable environment to an organization’s daily operations. The best part of running business operations on it is that it acts as a service portal for the employees working in the organization. Moreover, with its architecture you can create and implement your service in the form of bandwidth or storage space.

  • It is Transparent:

There should be transparency in whatever new that is created or implemented in the cloud environment. Being transparent in all aspects encourages easy applications of ongoing IT operations and better coordination amongst employees of the organization.

  • Pay-per-Use Model Emphasized Upon:

Cloud computing Services and its managed services have always focused upon pay as you use concept. This means you don’t have to pay a penny extra from your pockets and promote your businesses via cloud without the fear of actually spending more on hardware and software tools that cost way too much.

  • Scalability and Accessibility:

The purpose of migrating services to cloud is because it provides highly scalable and accessible environment to its users. A private cloud is all about scaling up production levels from a certain percentage to a benchmark level. So, business entities that wish to go for best private cloud managed services can think have taken the right decision.

  • Elastic in Nature:

Best Private cloud providers frame and design their services in a way that are flexible. This means one can store unlimited data in it without thinking on factors like load imbalance or poor bandwidth.

  • Shared Environment:

Here shared environment mean where data can be scattered and stored at different sections of a private cloud rather than being clustered at one place. This characteristic is there to help run cloud in the efficient way possible. The chances of data crash and excess load also reduce if a cloud experiences shared environment.

Private Cloud Providers – The Best Option!

There are various  service provider existing in the industry. Some of the most reliable and concrete hosting providers are as follows;

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
2 FireHost $200/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
3 Amazon $0.016/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
4 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank
5 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
6 SingleHOP $50.00/hr No visit provider visit rank
7 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
8 WindowsAzure $9.95/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
9 Softlayer $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
10 GoDaddy $0.05/hr No visit provider visit rank