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Cloud computing is no clandestine thing nowadays, companies make its best use in running their business in a virtual world and saving considerably on the infrastructure that would have cost them drearer otherwise. Abiding by definition, it refers to the delivery of cloud computing services instead of the delivery of computing products. Whatever entities you buy to work upon, cloud computing allows you to use all of them as; shared products, be it the data, the software or any other resources.

Depending on the security level and its availability, this widely used technology can be classified into three distinct models, namely; Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Let us get into the depth of public cloud in this article.

Public Cloud Computing – An introduction!

As the name suggests, this is the cloud computing model where service providers make their computing resources available online for the general public. It allows the users to access various important resources on cloud, such as software, applications and stored data.

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One of the prime benefits of using public cloud is that the users are liberated from performing certain mandatory tasks on their computing machines that they cannot get away with otherwise including installation of resources, and their configuration. The services concerning public cloud computing can be leveraged; either free of cost or via pay-per-usage model.

Advantages of using Public Cloud

For obvious reasons, public cloud is bound to offer a multitude of benefits for its users, which can be sensed by its ubiquitous demand to capture larger market share. Some of the most important ones are mentioned here:

  • Efficient storage and computing services
  • Inexpensive, since all the virtual resources whether application, hardware or data are covered by the service provider.
  • Allows easy connectivity to servers and information sharing.
  • Assures appropriate use of resources as the users are required to pay only for the employed services.
  • Highly reliable and redundant.
  • Widespread availability irrespective of geographical precincts.
  • Sets the business people free from the hassles of buying, managing and maintaining all the virtual resources at their own end, the cloud server does it all

Disadvantage of Public Cloud

With every shining day follows a dark night, same is with the public cloud. While there are so many pluses to count on it, there are certain demerits to its name as well that might prompt you to have second thoughts before opting for any of the service providers

  • Weaker security: Though not that weak, but still public cloud providers lags behind in security as compared to private cloud, as it is accessed by a higher number of users than the latter.
  • Control problem: You may find hard to have full control over your private data over the public cloud, the reason being the third party providers mostly taking care of storage and maintenance of data systems.
  • Dependence on speed: For small businesses the speed is fine, however the problem arises for big organizations that have to store and transfer data in voluminous amount such as a HD Video. With a public cloud, the speed cannot exceed to that of the respective ISP and hence it could create obstacles in proper functioning of the site.

Best Public Cloud Hosting Providers – The List!

Some big giants of technology industry like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more are among the prominent companies offering public cloud providers. Gmail, Google docs and Apps engine are highly admired services from Google, Hotmail and Skydrive cloud service from Microsoft are also well adopted by public.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is yet another inevitable name to reckon with in the world of public clouds.

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
2 FireHost $200/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
3 Amazon $0.016/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
4 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank
5 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
6 SingleHOP $50.00/hr No visit provider visit rank
7 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
8 WindowsAzure $9.95/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
9 Softlayer $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
10 HPCloud $0.04/hr No visit provider visit rank

Bottom Line

To summarize, cloud computing is indeed an asset for most of the business people that have been longing to look out for a viable medium to store their online data at affordable cost. The cloud hosting servers do not give that much privilege as these public cloud providers do.

However, care should be needed to choose the company that is better in terms of security as the public cloud providers have certain reservations in this department. Speed is another considerable factor that needs to be taken care of. But overall, it is still a bankable medium for smooth functioning of your business. So why spend on physical equipment providing limited space and requiring maintenance instead pick what technology trend setters are opting – Cloud Computing.