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Windows Cloud Hosting brings together the plethora of features that Cloud computing offers with the added ease and functionality of the Windows stack. Although Cloud hosting is the legacy attained after years of toil and sweat induced by individuals to procure seamless and resource rich hosting environment, however, windows Cloud hosting is attained via in-depth experience by specialists who have spent years building and operating public clouds for customers that opt for Windows cloud server over generic Cloud platform.

What is Windows Cloud Hosting

Unlike traditional hosting, Cloud hosting strictly refers to the requirements of users for hosting their websites. Hence, in order to full fill the requirements of users Cloud hosting is segregated into two compatibility segments; one that favors the Lamp stack deployment and secondly the Wamp stacks that specifically target users who want windows integrated servers for their hosted domains.

Windows Cloud Hosting
This why this format of Cloud hosting is called as Windows Cloud hosting and apart from principles constituents such as PHP, Apache and MySQL, it employs windows operating system as the mainstream interface.

Why to host a website in Windows Cloud hosting

Hosting your website in Windows Cloud hosting significantly helps in delivering and managing an efficient IT infrastructure. Secondly the cost effectiveness of Windows Cloud hosting is also evident in all of its variants and especially in the long run.
Thanks to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure, today’s software applications and tomorrow’s cloud models like hybrid clouds have a robust, open source and a modern application platform. This functionality which is put into windows cloud hosting enables users to have access to their hosted applications from any device from almost anywhere in the world.

How to Choose a Windows Cloud Hosting Provider

Fortunately for us, there are various windows Cloud hosting providers in the Cloud hosting industry that provide users with fast and responsive Windows Cloud hosting services. However, if you are on the road to choose any one Windows cloud hosting provider form them, it’s always important for you to be realistic about your hosting requirements.
Apart from principal constituents, you need to first determine that whether your typical website or set of domains, requires windows Cloud hosting servers or not. There can be a possibility that in the end, your opted windows cloud servers may not work that well in optimizing your website’s functionality. Secondly, for an existing domain you need to find out, whether your windows cloud hosting provider facilitates migrating services.
Lastly, if its two or more Windows Cloud hosting providers that you are stuck with, its sensible if you first acquire legitimate reviews about their services or compare them all to find possible differentiators or distinctions.

Some Best Windows Cloud Hosting Providers

To ease up our readers, like wise every other segment of Cloud hosting, here too, we have compiled a list of some best windows Cloud hosting providers in our traditional top ten style. Readers are suggested to try their favorite Cloud hosting providers from our below mentioned list that best suits their hosting needs.

Top 10 Windows Cloud Hosting – The Big Players!

Stuck between two or more Best Windows Cloud Hosting Providers? With our latest Comparison feature you can find out the differentiators and distinctions among them right here

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 FireHost $200/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
2 Rackspace $0.015/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
3 Amazon $0.016/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
4 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank
5 WindowsAzure $9.95/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
6 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
7 SingleHOP $50.00/hr No visit provider visit rank
8 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
9 eUkhost $0.016/hr No visit provider visit rank
10 ReliaCloud $0.05/hr No visit provider visit rank


Advantages for Hosting your Website with Best Windows Cloud Hosting Provider

There are like numerous benefits for hosting your website into windows Cloud hosting environment. However, once you get the best windows Cloud hosting providers you are guaranteed to get all the features with added distinctions such as, round the Cloud support, security and monitoring services.
Anyways, here are a few more facilities that Best Windows Cloud hosting providers have to offer to users.

Efficient Infrastructure of Cloud Hosting Windows!

The Windows Cloud Hosting infrastructure supports application performance and scalability. The network isolation helps you implement a multitenant environment, which further guarantees proficient Service Level Agreements. The environment also supports self-service scenarios.
Best Windows Cloud Hosting providers also facilitate users with migration services where you can migrate your existing domain from any other server or a hosting provider, without any reconfiguration.

Sate of art Cloud Servers

All the servers that you utilize via your windows Cloud hosting providers are well kept and secure. These servers pass special accreditation for being standardized, orchestrated and for some instances automate to provide users with a one of a kind hosting experience.
If you are concerned regarding security for your windows Cloud hosted application, then worry no more! Your Windows Cloud hosting servers are backed up by robust and iron Cloud security protocols that provide your online presence with the proper tunneling it requires to be impenetrable.

Collaborations with Microsoft Windows

Best Windows Cloud hosting makes it easy to run Microsoft Windows Server products on the Cloud. Use your own license key or get one through the integrated system, the Cloud offers you many possibilities to own and run your own Microsoft installations. Pre-installed Windows cloud servers also add to the productivity of your team, organization, and clients.

Build, Manage, and Run Modern Applications

With Windows Cloud Hosting, you can easily build, deploy, and manage modern applications and dynamic websites in the cloud. Furthermore, you can easily make transitions to the cloud due to common consistencies in Microsoft technologies. This can also extend your ability to enable hybrid applications across on-premises and cloud environments.
With active and enhanced support for open frameworks, open source applications, and development languages, you have the freedom of choice. When you choose Best Windows Cloud hosting you are allowed to leverage your applications to have rich web standards, use PHP and node.js, as well as utilize the .NET Framework 4.5 for enhanced networking and web purposes.

Anytime and Anywhere Accessibility

Become mobile and enable remote work capabilities with Windows on best Windows cloud hosting. You can easily personalize and create a rich user experience for multiple devices whilst utilizing best security and scalability of windows Cloud hosting environment, at the same time. With Windows Cloud hosting you can provide secure access to company resources or provide a rich entertainment experience to users as the choice and the options are limitless.
You can take advantage of strong authentication and authorization protocols that users will appreciate in applications they use over the Windows Hosting. You can roll-out your applications without worrying about compliance and regulations for information security and data protection requirements.


Cloud hosting enables you to easily add any type of IT infrastructure without the troubles of hardware and manual server configurations. Hence, Windows Cloud Hosting being the segment of this highly advantageous technology provides a ready-to-roll virtualized environment that promises rapid application deployments and non- stop accessibility. So, what’s there to wait? Now that you have all the nuts and bolts you needed, choose your favorite windows Cloud hosting provider from the above mentioned list, and experience the resource rich and secure Cloud environment.