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Long awaited beta version of Bitcasa is replaced with the final one – never run out of space; no more external storage devices are required now, as Bitcasa is offering unlimited cloud storage and backup for just $69 per annum or $10 per month.

What New in Bitcasa..!

Bitcasa is delivering with an infinite magic drive – that never crashes, never fills up. You are provisioned to access their data from computers, laptops, mobile devices and tablets. The automated synchronization features enables you set your data on infinite drive and forget it. It will be accessible to you always no matter where you go with just internet availability.

Bitcasa Cloud Storage

Attractive Pricing

The pricing structure is simple and quite impressive.

  • 10 GB of space is available on free account for storage and backup.
  • Unlimited Cloud space for storage and backup for just $69.00 (44.06 £) per year
  • Unlimited Cloud space for storage and backup for just $10.00 (6.38 £) per month

Other Prominent Features

  • Bitcasa provides you with a fully encrypted client-side, even staff at bitcasa won’t be able to access your data.
  • Data encryption is performed at dual locations, once before leaving your device and again before secure placement at virtual server.
  • Instant availability of all digital data across the globe regardless of device capacity and file format is another overwhelming advantage from Bitcasa.
  • It supports platform including Windows Desktop, Windows RT, Mac Desktop, Android and iOS.
  • The desktop app is intuitive and pretty simple to use. You can use drag & drop option also making the process of clearing up your local drive easier and faster.

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Bitcasa Cloud Storage