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Cloud computing has experienced substantial growth in recent years with a goal to provide businesses, and individuals easy storage and accessibility of their data from everywhere, and at any time. Many technology experts and geeks have quoted cloud computing as the cost saver for many businesses, however, some people are a little bit concerned about it, or have dissent on it.

Today, we are broadcasting a one-to-one interview of Ajit Melarkode – Managing Director Asia Pacific, Rackspace with Puneet Pal where he speaks about the potential benefits and risks of cloud computing and the reason why it is gaining huge popularity. Some of the prime questions that Puneet Pal asked were;

  • Does Cloud computing save money?
  • Some companies are fearful that moving to Cloud can actually oversee their overall IT cost?
  • Is Cloud really secure?
  • Does Rackspace share businesses information with Govts.?

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[Originally Featured on BBC News]

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