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CentOS Cloud HostingVarious hosting providers operate CentOS to power their hosting servers. With plenty of paid and free operating systems, why these hosting providers prefer CentOS – what admires them about this Linux distribution, CentOS.

The answer is obvious. CentOS cloud hosting provides enterprise grade operating system functionality as it is designed on Red Hat’s source code – tested and stable enterprise Linux distribution.

Another driving factor is that CentOS is an open source, freeware delivering users with features of Linux platform. CentOS cloud hosting  is also acknowledged by businesses users and individuals, for the same reasons more or fewer – optimal performing freeware operating system.

CentOS Cloud – Which Hosting Providers Support CentOS

Since the origination of cloud computing services, not all the companies were offering CentOS supportive platform for Linux based users, but with the passage of time this cloud hosting gets more visible on the web, number of new and existing hosting providers initiated integrating their service with CentOS cloud hosting . Cloudreviews has assembled ten best hosting provider for CentOS Linux distribution.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
2 Amazon $0.016/hr . ..... ProviderProfile
3 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr . ..... Provider Profile
4 FireHost $200/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 GoDaddy $0.05/hr . ..... Provider Profile
6 GoogleComputeEngine $0.145/hr . ..... Provider Profile
7 WindowsAzure $0.013/hr . ..... Provider Profile
8 SingleHOP $50/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 Softlayer $0.10/hr . ..... Provider Profile
10 HPCloud $0.04/hr . ..... Provider Profile

Why Hosting is preferred for CentOS Cloud

Centos Cloud hosting is highly scalable, viable and equally secured an option to host your website and web application on CentOS. CentOS cloud hosting is entirely customizable, which means you only have to select required features and services. It comprises of virtualized server instance providing authority to user for launching, maintaining and controlling with full root accessibility.

Insight of CentOS Cloud Hosting

CentOS 6 is a better version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), one of the most popular enterprise Linux solution. You can discover all of the benefits of RHEL (full compatibility with RHEL software packages, security support) without paying extra just to get the RHEL new releases, technical resources, and software updates.

The Payment Mode

Centos Cloud hosting providers charge you only for the services used, in accordance to pay by hourly usage of storage and services. Users can start hosting on CentOS Cloud hosting service provider with a few easy steps instantly. The user can also automate server upgrades, and set up services in a matter of minutes.

Configuring Hosting Server for CentOS Cloud

Configuring CentOS on Cloud hosting server is easy, all you need to do is select CentOS as your operating system while configuring Cloud platform virtual server.

Benefits you can get from CentOS Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud hosting for CentOS has opened up many opportunities for companies, using this enterprise level Linux distribution as their operating system, to host websites and applications in a secure and safe environment.

The services are not only just affordable but also help organizations and individuals to achieve consistent online presence.

Reduced Cost Benefits

Among various advantages of CentOS cloud hosting, its cost benefits are primary. Establishing a centos cloud hosting asks for initial investment but due to its resource utilization aspects it entails good returns on the investment.

The prominent feature to develop up cost in accordance to real intake of resources is surely the most comprehensive aspect of the CentOS Cloud hosting.

Pay per use is applicable on utilized storage and hosting services. Centos Cloud Hosting provides small & medium business proprietors an opportunity to pace up the organizational progress.

Reliability and Presence

It is considered as a key factor for large enterprises in taking a final decision before selecting a particular hosting service. CentOS cloud hosting server enables users to enjoy guaranteed uptime and consistent online presence all the time.

Scalability like Never Before

Among all the major business advantages that delivered by CentOS hosting service renders, its scalability factors wrap the top rank indeed.

Scalability enables your business requirement to upgrade the virtual resources as soon they start running low.

It simply means that you can scale up and down your centos cloud hosting services according to demands. For middle and small businesses, where budgetary constraints are significant, it assists them to stay out of heavy expenses.

Enjoy Multiple Benefits with CentOS Cloud Hosting

With an enterprise level proficient operating system like CentOS as a freeware, you can also save additional funds by opting CentOS cloud hosting services by best providers. Centos cloud hosting will allow you to invest more on business expansion and growth rather in rectifying hosting issues.