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Cloud Companies with FREE SUPPORT

Cloud Computing has seen consistent growth for some time. Although the concept may not be new, the application it has is an entirely different story. However, new applications in terms of concept and innovation by no means implies that the concept has no bearing or strong enough foundation to support that application.

Cloud Computing – What’s in a Name?

Cloud Computing has many different flavors to it – from different delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, St.a.a.S) to various deployment scenarios (Hybrid, Private, Public), the concept that re-defined and streamlined many a traditional I.T administration and management models now has a dedicated segment to its name.

A Cloud Solution by Any Other Name…

Based on these models, Cloud Computing companies have now begun to offer many different solutions. While many have been building robust architectures and grid to support Infrastructure as a Service (I.a.a.S) deliveries, there are many that have built their entire online delivery platforms vis-a-vis Platform as a Service (P.a.a.S) offerings. Then there are companies that have been enabled by the I.a.a.S and the P.a.a.S delivery models to provide complete Software as a Service (S.a.a.S) based solutions.

From online productivity, project management, CRM, Task Management, Versioning tools to online applications for designers, photographers, content strategists, SCM, and online marketers, Cloud Computing provides the capabilities that enable users to significantly improve their work and increase time-to-market playing in the Cloud services domain.

Categories and Criteria Compared for the Top 10 List

One of the key features seen in Cloud Services is the high quality of support. Whether by integrating a comprehensive Knowledgebase, a Live Chat Support, or an active Help Desk, the support element has often been considered as one of the strong points when comparing Cloud Services Providers.

For the list, we took into consideration the following comparison factors:

# 1 Computing Category / Delivery Models:

This included the Cloud Management, Infrastructure as a Service, and the Platform as a Service delivery model of Cloud Service Providers.

# 2 Software License:

We included all Cloud Service Providers that were built on or around Open Source technologies.

# 3 Subscription Type:

We listed Cloud Service Providers based on three subscription types:

  • Pay-as-You-Go Only
  • Pay-as-You-Go and Subscription Plans
  • Subscription Plans Only

# 4 Control Interface:

We listed and compared Cloud Service Providers that featured control interfaces/management console, including:

  • Web Based Application/Control Panel
  • API
  • Command Line
  • GUI

# 5 Operating System:

We have listed Cloud Service Providers that operate on one or more of the following types of operating system(s):

  • Arch 2009.02
  • Cent OS, Cent OS 5.1, Cent OS 5.2, Cent OS 5.3, Cent OS 5.4, Cloud Optimized Cent OS
  • Cloud Optimized Debian, Debian, Debian Linux
  • Fedora, Fedora 10, Fedora 11
  • FreeBSD
  • Gentoo Linux
  • Open Solaris
  • OpenSUSE Linux
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat 5.1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 8.04, Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.1, Ubuntu Linux

# 6 Support:

And most important of all, the Support feature. The Cloud Service Providers listed and compared here all come with FREE support. Apart from the comparison criteria listed above, this comparison is a key element to experiencing a smooth transition to the Cloud.

Cloud Services with Free Support – The Top 10 List

Here is a list of the Top 10 Cloud Service Providers that provide FREE Support.

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 Rackspace $0.015/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
2 Amazon $0.016/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
3 FireHost $200.00/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
4 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
5 GoDaddy $0.05/hr No visit provider visit rank
6 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
7 SingleHOP $50.00/hr No visit provider visit rank
8 Dediserve $0.028/hr No visit provider visit rank
9 WindowsAzure $0.013/mo Yes visit provider visit rank
10 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank


As Cloud Computing rapidly evolves, the implications of its applications on a wide range of web services are significant. With more than 100 Cloud Computing providers to choose from, CloudReviews regularly makes these comparisons to help you find the best Cloud Service for your needs.

If there is any specific comparison you would like us to create or if you would like some assistance in buying the right Cloud Computing Services, contact us here.