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The year 2012 was a busy year for cloud hosting providers and companies aspiring to get advantages of cloud computing. Top cloud service providers such as Rackspace, Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft always tried to improve their cloud services and offer efficient cloud solutions to clients.

Companies of all sizes especially in USA, Canada, Australia and UK, spent the year 2012 contemplating on pros and cons of cloud hosting services.

Cloud Hosting Solution taking Over the Market, Stepwise!

The benefits of cloud computing are so immense that all size of companies and online organizations see their future safe and strong with cloud services. In 2012, some USA states were in the grip of natural calamities such as Sandy hurricane. This did not suppress cloud hosting business, rather inspired US companies to implement powerful and secure networking solutions.

With a cloud hosting service, a company’s employees, business managers and customers find business operations running exceptionally smooth and fast.

A cloud hosting service offers different kinds of computing services performing at the press of a keypad button. These cloud computing services are as follows.

The charm of cloud hosting influenced the whole world and all online companies were eager to know more about advantages of cloud hosting services. Many companies in USA, Australia and UK took cloud hosting subscription from established providers to live ahead in the competitive business market.

Thus, the year 2012 was fruitful for top global cloud providers, and they were able to generate good revenues from cloud hosting business.

The enthusiasm towards cloud hosting services also give rise to many local cloud hosts in different countries including USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Many prestigious events took place in 2012 that influenced cloud hosting market.

Cloud Computing Events Went on in 2012

  • Cisco purchased Cloupia for $125 million to offer powerful cloud services
  • Red Hat buys ManageIQ to offer efficient hybrid Cloud Services
  • VMware acquires DynamicOps to offer Cloud services
  • Virsto releases its 2.0 version Virtual storage solution
  • HP announces Beta version of HP Cloud Block Storage
  • Ncomputing releases new version of Desktop Virtualization
  • CloudBees releases AnyCloud to implement PaaS application in different environments
  • Basho Technologies offers Riak CS, a cloud storage solution
  • ActiveState allows Cloud Sigma to resell Stackato PaaS platform
  • RackSpace releases Open stack-based cloud service
  • AppFog launches OpenStack based PaaS cloud service
  • Jaspersoft emerges as a leader in Business Intelligence solutions based on PaaS
  • Mojix offers improved data analytics for RFID
  • Piston Cloud Computing releases Airframe, a free OpenStack cloud management platform
  • Airbnb, Etsy and Climate Corporation use Concurrent’s Big Data management application
  • VMware, Intel and NEC approved as gold members of OpenStack Foundation
  • FatFractal announces Backend As a Service (BaaS) Landscape
  • Modikura to offer IaaS platforms in USA
  • Netlist’s HyperCloud is one of the hot products of 2012
  • Office 365 and Cloud Solutions helped Agile IT to Double its Revenue in 2012

Which Cloud Providers take the Lead in 2012?

Cloud computing has a long history before it reached the stage where it stands today. In 2012, pioneering Internet companies offered different cloud service packages. These packages were tailored to meet requirements of different size companies and individuals.

Different cloud providers used some unique approach to deliver cloud networking service to their clients. The year 2012 saw cloud hosting business booming and top global providers coming up with luring Service Level Agreements in order to attract more clients.

If we cast a glance on cloud services offered by different cloud providers, we will find soem of the best and proven to be the most secured cloud providers in the twelve month course of 2012.

Future of Cloud Computing

The Chapter of 2012 for Cloud Computing, Concisely

The year 2012 was full of action for cloud service providers, clients and for the world which was observing a new chapter of cloud computing in 2013.

  • 2012 setting trends for 2013 & Future: In September 2012, Gartner predicted the global cloud market to grow 19.6 percent in 2012, reaching to total $109 billion. Gartner also expected the cloud market to rise twice by 2016 touching $206 billion.
  • 2012, the year of BPaaS & IaaS:In 2012, Business Process as a service (BPaaS) accounted for about 77% of the total cloud market. In the past year, there was greater demand of IaaS cloud service than PaaS.The reason is, PaaS offers one environment whereas people need different environments to develop variety of applications. So, developers preferred IaaS cloud service that offers flexible environment.

Cloud Computing: Past, Present and Future

Value of cloud computing has raised over the year since the inception of this particular service. Let’s determins the past, present and future through the infographics featured below.

Cloud Computing - Past, Present & Future

2013 is the year of Cloud, Some Literak Predictions

  • 2013: PaaS cloud is expected to rise.
  • 2013: Companies will go for Hybrid cloud.
  • 2013: More companies will seek SaaS cloud solutions. Oracle is the preferred brand for SaaS cloud services. Oracle Cloud offers complete range of enterprise solutions.
  • 2013, Open Stack: OpenStack started its journey in 2012. Today, above 6,000 developers and 850 organizations are involved in Openstack development. The OpenStack charm influenced companies like VMware and EMC. In 2013, OpenStack is expected to reach at higher level.
  • 2013, Solid State Drive (SSD):People started using solid state drive for data storage in late 2012. This trend is likely to grow in 2013. Cloud hosts will be increasingly using SSD storage because SSD prices are continually dropping.SSD provides high performance. In 2013, SSD is expected to be used for different purposes. The upcoming Laptops, digital devices and data centers will use SSD.
  • 2013, Big Data:In 2012, Big Data lured companies by offering enterprise solutions. Gartner estimates Big Data to drive $232 billion in IT spending through 2016.In 2013, enterprises will be searching for methods to leverage Big Data solutions to gain edge in competitive business market. With Big Data solutions, companies will be able to analyze website traffic and get better understanding of customer base by spotting key market trends.
  • 2013 Cloud Dreams:In 2013, some imaginations may become reality. For example, electric meters, surveillance cameras, sensors, cars, smart phones can be connected with cloud service.Cloud servers will store all kinds of useful data from devices such as videos from surveillance cameras, and images from cameras and smartphones.Cloud networking system will maintain the flow of business operations amidst natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, flood etc. The cloud system will help companies to quickly recover from loss due to disaster.