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Scope of Cloud Computing as a Commodity

Ever since cloud computing technology was innovated to take over the business world and offer a simplified computing solution, several business entities whether small, medium or large scale showed an overwhelming response for it.

Not only did their scalability levels increased to a great percentage but also reduced the cost of their hardware and software applictions highly.

Cloud computing evolved with a bang covering three of the core elements that drives almost all the operations in a business world. These core elements were Infrastructure, Software and Platform that were offered as services to organizations facing problems dealing with them via cloud as a medium.

Now, when we talk about using cloud as a commodity, it means it can probably used for trading purpose so that it becomes more accessible for businesses to deploy cloud based applications in their organizations.

Moreover, in the past years it has been observed that businesses are keen on taking new challenges when it comes to talking about offering technology as a commodity like cloud computing methodology to their users to strenghten their relationships with them for bright future prospects.

Examples from the industry like RightScale focus at Cloud broking, Cloudkick involvement in offering unique tools for managing virtual computer world and Zimory’s effort to gather or bring together corporate data centers for an efficient business environment etc among others are some of the instances from the cloud market that highlights the technology’s significance in the business world.

To talk more about cloud as a commodity versatility, cloud market leaders like Amazon or Cisco are working in accordance for bringing about changes in the cloud industry so that things become more viable for businesses in near future.

Scope of Cloud Computing as Commodity

Improved Technology Standards

Cloud Computing model’s prime purpose behind its innovation is to improve technology standards and bring new opportunities for businesses to carry out their work operations conveniently.

Moreover, if technology is improved, the scope for organizations to work in a clean, coordinated and in sync environment increases to a great extent. Nevertheless, a clean business world will also make the entire cloud computing architecture more flexible to be deployed in any organization.

Understanding cloud technology is very important because minutest of its characteristics can bring drastic changes in the business environment.

Prime change that one can see is the reduced hardware and software costs that otherwise prove to be the expensive most.

Second change that organizations facing storage issue is that all their daily tasks will now seem to scale up to a great extent along with an uptime of approximately 99.99%.


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