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In Canada, companies are rapidly transferring their business and company resources on cloud servers. Companies are opting for cloud services because of great reliability, performance speed and enormous data storage provided by cloud hosts.

With cloud hosting Canada services, Canadian companies can get various kinds of computing services through cloud server hosting. Some cloud hosting services useful for Canadian companies are:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Storage as a service (STaaS)
  • Security as a service (SECaaS)
  • Backend as a service (BaaS)
  • Network as a service (NaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Data base as a service (DBaaS)

Cloud Hosting Canada – The Top 5 Options!

Rank Provider Price Free Trail Visit
1 ElasticHosts $0.12/hr Yes visit provider visit rank
2 GoGrid $0.06/hr No visit provider visit rank
3 HPCloud $0.04/hr No visit provider visit rank
4 Netelligent $0.99/day No visit provider visit rank
5 UptimeHost $0.347/day No visit provider visit rank

Canada: A Lucrative Venture for Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting CanadaCanadian online companies are mostly interested in Cloud hosting Canada 140, Canada Cloud hosting 46 and Canada Cloud hosting 36 services. By looking at overwhelming enthusiasm for Cloud services of Canadian companies, leading Cloud service providers are offering different cloud service packages.

Canada is a lucrative venture for global Cloud hosting companies. Local companies also want to take advantage of rising demand for Cloud services in Canada.

Global cloud hosts such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Rackspace are paying special attention on requirements of Canadian companies. The top global cloud webhosts are making their position strong in Canada by establishing magnificent offices in Canada.

Local cloud hosts are also trying to fit into all kinds of requirements of Canadian companies. Some popular local cloud hosting Canada providers are CACloud, CloudPath, Hostingshield, Canadianwebhosting, SKGoldHosting, CanadaWebDeveloper, Webhostinghero, and Radiantetc.

Requirements of Canadian Online Companies

Canadian online companies require specifically tailored cloud packages that can help them to achieve global status. Some Canadian organizations are especially focused on Cloud hosting Canada 140,  Canada cloud hosting 46 and Canada cloud hosting 36 services.

Companies are sure about their geographical business expansion and earning more revenues with a high cloud uptime service. However, online companies are confused about which provider to choose and which cloud service package to use.

If a company’s requirement is very large and the company is ready to afford a bit higher charges, it is better to take services of top global providers. Local cloud hosts are always upgrading their cloud services to meet requirements of online Canadian companies.

Time to grow up with Cloud Hosting Canada – Find Out Benefits!

An online Canadian company can get many benefits with cloud services such as Cloud hosting Canada 140, Canada Cloud hosting 46 and Canada Cloud hosting 36 services. Some of the great benefits are highlighted below:


While taking Cloud hosting Canada 140 and Canada Cloud hosting 46 services, companies can be sure about the security of their network resources.

Cloud hosting Canada provides strong security features that protect company’s websites from spyware, virus and other malware that slow down the speed of websites and steal important information. Visitors can do secure financial transactions on cloud powered websites.

Content Delivery Network:

With a good Cloud hosting Canada 140 service, your websites load twice faster. The reason is Cloud hosting Canada 140 service includes a number of powerful servers. When a visitor opens your website, his request is completed by the server nearest to the visitor.

Hence visitors across the world can easily open your website, browse through different sections of the website and get information about different products.

Data backup:

Nice Cloud hosting Canada 140 service providers offer dynamic data back up facility so that users can store their important data at more than one location. It prevents data damage and data loss in emergency conditions such as server crash or server failure.

For example, Amazon enables users to create a backup of large volumes of data through Elastic block store (EBS). Through EBS, users can take point-in-time snapshots of voluminous data and store it at multiple locations.

Web Analytics:

Cloud hosts enable companies to track the traffic, number of visitors and threats caused by malware programs.


With Cloud hosting Canada 140 service and Canada Cloud hosting 46 service, users can increase data transfer speed, bandwidth and data storage space according to requirements.

Integration with Useful Apps:

Cloud hosting Canada 140 or 46 services can be easily integrated with useful applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint, VPN, Skype and mail applications.

For example, Google Cloud platform can be synchronized with Google docs, Gmail, G-talk and google maps. Similarly Microsoft’s Windows Azure can be integrated with MS Outlook and SQL server.

Customer Support:

Established hosts offer high promising Service Level Agreement, Cloud SLA that include above 99% cloud uptime, 24×7 customer support, flexibility, control over charges and promise to cut off business operations cost by large margin.

Canada Cloud Hosting – Punch Line

Different companies use different approach to provide cloud services that make them unique. A host offers different cloud hosting Canada 140 and Canada cloud hosting 46 service packages available at different prices.

A service package includes certain data storage capacity, bandwidth, data processing speed, operating system compatibility and other additional features.

With so many global and local Cloud hosts, Canadian companies get many options to choose a Cloud hosting Canada 140 service and Canada Cloud hosting 46 service according to their requirements.