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Cloud Monitoring Tools

You can never divert your entire attention after the deployment of any service or technology with a view that it won’t need any monitoring due to its brilliant automated features.  No matter how efficient or brilliant your technology is, you have to monitor its performance and processes.

Cloud computing is the most rapidly growing technology of this era due to its extremely innovative services. It offers flexibility, agility and time-to-value that have become the core requirements in this customer-driven business world. Despite of its brilliant features, it also needs to get monitored by the administrator and its users.

The term ‘cloud monitoring’ refers to the process of monitoring and observing the working of virtual and physical servers, the shared resources and the softwares and apps running on the system.

For this purpose, Cloud monitoring tools are usually used that evaluate the performance of the cloud system using different techniques. The primary advantage of employing Cloud monitoring tools is that it facilitates an administrator in having the cloud working at its maximum efficiency level.

Why is there Need for Cloud Monitoring Tools?

Users get frustrated when they experience poor application performance. It’s one of the core deterrents of extensive usage of cloud services all over the world. According to recent studies and researches, users are turning more intolerant towards slower application processes.

When a page reaches 6 seconds to load a page, it augments the page abandonment rate to 33%. Users quit using the site and it directly affects the revenue and ROI. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the cloud performance using the cloud monitoring tools in order to ensure the rapid application performance.

A survey was recently conducted with 700 firms from all over the Europe and North America. A total of 57% of the total respondents said that they were hesitant regarding the adoption of cloud-based apps due to the reported issues in its performance. Cloud based monitoring tools are efficient and they improve the overall productivity of your website and Cloud environment too.

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5 Topmost Cloud Performance Monitoring Tools

You can easily have several Cloud monitoring tools available in the market matching up with your needs. Here we are presenting a few of the best cloud monitoring tools that will improve your cloud monitoring experience.

These Cloud monitoring tools are among the most beneficial Cloud performance monitoring tool available – you can rely on these tool to run a smooth hence supervised environment of your website.

# 1 – Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Tool

This Cloud monitoring tool only works with those servers that use Rackspace services. Being an API driven system, it lets administrators to build or generate APIs as per their requirements that is capable of sending notifications to any compatible device. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring Tool also enables the administrators to stay on the top of their infrastructure hosted by Rackspace.

# 2 – Zenoss Cloud Monitoring Tool

This Cloud monitoring tool helps an administrator to monitor the private, public and hybrid cloud environments providing a combined visibility with actual awareness regarding the whole of the infrastructure.

Relevance is ensured by zenoss using a model-driven cloud operations management system that helps you in maintaining a detailed model of the software, hardware and network links of each device.

This Cloud monitoring tool then uses this model to make sure that the correct and relevant monitoring policies and service are executed on that particular device.

# 3 – RevealCloud Monitoring Tool by CopperEgg

This Cloud monitoring tool is developed by CopperEgg and it offers the monitoring service for the performance and health of the server. Reveal Cloud monitoring tool allows administrators to have a wide visibility for both public and private cloud environments.

The operation teams are facilitated by the offered cross-correlation analytics making them to identify and sort the problems and causes in the cloud.

# 4 – RevealUptime Cloud Monitoring by CopperEgg

This Cloud monitoring tool is also offered by CopperEgg which works best when paired with RevealCloud. It lets the users and administrators to closely examine the level of users’ experience and the cause of that experience with respect to servers and clouds.

# 5 – Gomez APM Cloud Monitoring Tool

Gomez APM (Application Performance Management) Cloud monitoring tool offers a thorough description of the real cause of the issues and problems and determine the intensity of its impact on the whole server or system.

This lets the administrators to address those issues first that are more critical. This cloud monitoring tool also indicates the real location of the fault.

Some More Beaut Cloud Monitoring Tools to Conceive

Apart from some of the above mentioned Cloud monitoring tools – there are several other reliable thence efficient Cloud monitoring tools available in the market which one could actually try and sooner or later opt-in to monitor their website, and the cloud server.

For our readers, we have compiled a list of Top 15 Cloud monitoring tools (including the aforementioned one) which a user or website owner can incorporate with their existing network.

Our View on Cloud Monitoring Tools – Bottomline

Due to the availability of several different cloud hosting providers, there is a possibility that a particular cloud monitoring tool may not prove to be compatible with the chosen cloud system. Therefore, it is recommended that you must choose a tool that can work best with your employed cloud infrastructure.

Although you may not be notified which tool is compatible with which particular vendor, you still have the option to avail the free trial of Cloud monitoring tool offered by different companies.

We believe that the above-named Cloud monitoring tools are the finest collection of Cloud monitoring tool at one place. Do let us know if you know Cloud monitoring tools that were left out in this article. Also share your words over social media or simply drop your comment  below.

. We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us. – Marshall McLuhan.