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With the growing needs of the company or a business organization, data also seems to grow in the form of files, folders, reports, photos, videos etc. Storing such large volumes of data on a local area network can be very expensive. High capacity storage devices like file servers, network attached storage or storage area networks offer high availability of data storage that is accessible via any industry standard interface.

But it is important to remember that such electronic data storage devices are usually very costly to purchase, require regular backup or recovery systems and demand a physical presence specifying environmental conditions and need personnel to manage the infrastructure. To fulfill such requirements, cloud storage providers have come up with affordable, virtually unlimited data storage facilities in remotely hosted facilities.

Any kind of information that is stored in cloud storage can be easily accessed via the internet or wide area network. With data growing exponentially and keeping new hardware, software facilities up to date is difficult for any company to manage. The cloud storage offers easy scalability without putting much burdens on the network and stores huge data at comparatively low cost. Cloud storage enables the user to gain access to data, edit photos, music and videos anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Photo Storage – Top 10 List!

There are number of cloud photo storage providersexist in the Industry and more or less all of them are ample to invest in/for. We have complied a list of top 10 cloud photo storage options that will give you the liberty to stor and access all your media files on the roll.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 JustCloud $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
4 Mozy $5.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
5 ZipCloud $4.95/mo . ..... Provider Profile
6 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo . ..... Provider Profile
7 Livedrive $6.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 Egnyte $24.99/mo . ..... Provider Profile
9 Carbonite $59.00/yr . ..... Provider Profile
10 SkyDrive $1.66/mo . ..... Provider Profile

Easily Store all your Photos with Cloud Photo Storage

Have you ever lost your valuable photo memories simply because your hard drive crashed? If yes, then you need not experience the same thing as before. With best cloud photo storage services, all your photos will be in safe hands and will be available when you need them. With many options available to back up your precious memories online, cloud photo storage is the most convenient and widely used option for those who are concerned of losing data present on hard drives.

Enjoy High Security and Accessibility of Cloud Photo Storage

Based on your storage needs you can avail the varied plans of several service providers for cloud storage and feel reasonably secure that all your photos are stored safely and available to you at anytime from anywhere. While there are numerous companies, some cloud photo storage providers are more user friendly than others and offer a better storage feature for the money. Here is an attempt to list some of the popular photo cloud storage providers for your specific needs.

Who can use it?Cloud Photo Storage

Professional photographers usually require access to high resolution images that are easily editable, shareable and can be easily downloaded from any device irrespective of the location. Cloud photo storage offers a good opportunity to individuals and professionals to share and edit images and other files anytime and anywhere. Based on the needs, you can limit your storage space and this will not cost you much per year. Most cloud photo storage services offer some free cloud storage space and every photographer should make the best use of the space and they can easily share the images with their friends or colleagues located in different parts of the world. Storing your photos in cloud is simple and clean and they offer security since the photos are in safe hands, easily accessible and offer a good backup up even when you lose your PC or device or there is a disk crash.

Some Compelling Photo Cloud Storage Options!!

  • Picasa web album: Picasa is Google’s flagship products and it is integrated with Google+ that allows sharing, editing, organizing and storing of photo albums. The users can easily upload photos that are of 2,048 X 2,048 pixels in resolution. With Picasa, photographers who are willing to save large and full resolution pictures can avail ample storage options by shelling out some money.
  • Flickr: Flickr is considered to be one of the oldest dedicated photo storage service provider and they offer a simple service that is easy for any user to understand. People who are willing to store their photos can easily use it for storage and professional photographers can make use of the tools and other features like social media extensions, some basic manipulation and edition options.
  • Photobucket: Photobucket is also another photo storage service provider that boasts of about 10 billion hosted photos and offers unlimited storage provided that the file size remains within limits. It also includes Facebook integration and supports mobile. Photobucket permits the users to do some basic editing and manipulation via the browser.

Cloud Photo Storage – Bottom line

Cloud photo storage is gaining popularity among both individuals and professional photographers as it provides an option to share and edit photos with their families and company owner who are willing to save some money on the hardware infrastructure.Such online storage option is of great help from personal to business and the technology is considered to improve and stay for a longer time.