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Cloud computing and cloud server have now become the buzzwords in the web hosting industry. Several factors have contributed towards this enormous success including its amazing offerings in terms of reduced operational costs and mitigated IT infrastructure overheads. Interestingly, hosting geeks across the industry call it clustered hosting also. Technically, cloud server hosting integrates a number of servers together to form a cloud like structure that offers numerous benefits to its users.

Websites available on cloud servers employ resources such as hard drives, memory and processing power of all the servers in the cloud. Cloud server hosting services provides server administrators with an opportunity to add or remove servers as per the requirements and use resources accordingly in case of disruption in any particular server.

According to the experts, cloud server hosting is more than a technology. Technically speaking, it is a provisioning technique with improved infrastructure abilities and a strong tendency available in the domain. This new aspect of highly imperative cloud server hosting offers quite an enormous range of advantages to the buyers. When a service provider creates a cloud environment, he does consider a number of issues pertaining to the human behavior and cost constraints.

Cloud Server Hosting – Top 5 Cloud Server Hosting

Although there are a number of players available in the market who render their intelligent set of cloud server hosting plans and packages, you need to check on their service standards firsts. Below is the list of best cloud server hosting providers on which you can rely & invest your valuable money and time.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 FireHost $200/mo . ..... Provider
2 Media Temple $20.00/mo . ..... Provider
3 SingleHOP $50/mo . ..... Provider
4 Digital Ocean $5.00/mo . ..... Provider
5 Windows Azure $0.013/hr . ..... Provider
6 CloudSigma $0.0225/hr . ..... Provider

Advantages of Cloud Server Hosting

While subscribing to a service from a service provider, make sure that it provides full-fledged access control and administrative privileges of your cloud server. You should also make sure that your provider accomplishes all the regulatory compliances and ready to undergo major audits.

You may also ask for the details of the other utilities such as:

  • Data segregation
  • Data recovery
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Business continuity

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits this service offers which makes this service stand out among the rest.

Avail Cost Reduction Benefits:  Among various advantages of cloud server hosting, its cost consequences are the primary one. Setting up a cloud environment asks for additional cost but due to its resource utilization aspects, it entails good returns on the investment. Being cloud server user in such competitive environment always tends to the good amount of cost benefits.

Enjoy the Pay -Per- Use Aspects: The ability to develop up cost according to the real intake of resources is the most comprehensive feature of the cloud server hosting.  Pay per use is applicable to service quality assistance. One of the key financial milestone for the present level of interest in cloud server hosting is the fundamental changes occurred in the hosting environment. By going from the regular financial commitment design to the functional cost, cloud hosting guarantees to allow SME’s and business owners an opportunity to speed up the development and inclusion of impressive options.

Resource Provisioning and Sharing: Cloud server hosting is important in particular for small and medium sized businesses that intend to offer their services and solutions quickly with little delay. Sometimes this delay occurs due to setting up the infrastructure in the initial phase. Larger enterprises need to have the capabilities to extend new services with little expense to stay aggressive in the market. It’s good for a cloud server hosting expert to send the cloud hosting plans early to the market. The cloud environment supports this entire aspect by offering infrastructures, possibly devoted to confer important abilities to the users.


Cloud Server Hosting


Huge Returns on Investment Guaranteed: This feature is the most appealing one for all the investors. Although it cannot always be assured but most of the cloud hosting services available in the market offer good returns on the investment for the users. Using a reasoning program must make sure that the cost efforts together entail the best advantages to the industry.

Easiest Data Management Efficiency:  Data Control is an important element in particular for storage clouds. Here the data is flexibly distributed across several resources. Unquestioningly, data reliability needs to be managed over a wide range of replicated data resources.

Simultaneously, the system needs to be more vigilant about the data location taking latencies and the particular workload into account.  Another crucial element of the data management is the assurance of providing reliability that is offered in case of cloud servers.

Scalability like Never before: Among all the major business advantages that cloud hosting service renders, its scalability factor wraps the top rank indeed. Scalability allows a website owner to upgrade the individual resources of the virtual machines as soon they start running low. It simply means that you can scale your cloud virtual machines when it demands additional resources. For the middle or small businesses where budgetary constraints are significant, it helps to keep tabs on the expenditure.

Specific Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting: Beyond all the cloud server hosting advantages that service providers do offer using this environment, several other benefits are also taken into consideration.

  • Visualization of computation resources across the environment
  • Scalability of amount of resources to the components tagged to the location.
  • Amazing set of reliability through replication and check-pointing
  • Interoperability of the resources and managed data replication
  • Security and Authentication to ensure any serious data breach

Security is The Key: Last but not the least, every cloud server hosting provider offers SSL as a proven security measure. This is probably the keystone of the cloud server hosting security. When an enterprise goes ahead with a particular plan, service provider offers a number of major security options. SSL is a trusted certificate authority that helps to infuse trust and confidence among the user. SSL tenders a comprehensive 128-bit to 256-bit encryption based on the new 2048-bit global root.


In the current competitive scenario, cloud server hosting extends a number of business advantages to the global business, in terms of service reliability, scalability and affordability.  While subscribing services of a competent web hosting provider, you need to go ahead with a service provider that has good count of experience in cloud server hosting.