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This is the age of cloud computing that offers you wide flexibility to access files and data from any place and time. Multiple users can access files from different places simultaneously without causing any damage and loss of data. Cloud computing reduces the burden of a user to store enormous volumes of data on his or her personal computer. It offers an unlimited virtual memory to store data and files.

Cloud Web Hosting

While at one end, cloud computing minimizes the great headache to work on a computer network, on the other hand, it also makes the computer task and operations far and cost effective. Moreover, Cloud computing offers you green credential by enabling you to contribute towards a better environment.

Cloud Web Hosting – The List

Rank Provider Price Free Trial Visit
1 Rackspace Cloud $0.015/hr Limited rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> visit provider visit rank
2 AWS $0.08/hr Yes rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> visit provider target=”_blank”> visit rank
3 Firehost $200.00/mo Yes visit provider target=”_blank”> visit rank
4 Go Daddy $0.05/hr No visit provider target=”_blank”> visit rank
5 Google Compute Engine $0.145/hr No visit provider visit rank
6 Windows Azure $0.013/hr Yes visit provider visit rank

Different Cloud Web Hosting Services

With a good Cloud web hosting service provider a consumer can get one or multiple of the below mentioned services on the same Cloud server or within the same Cloud web hosting package.

Cloud Web hosting services can be classified as:

Platform as a service  (PaaS) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
Security as a service (SECaaS) Desk Top Virtualization
Backend as a service (BaaS) Test environment as a service (TEaaS)
API as a service (APIaaS) Storage as a service (STaaS)
Software as a service (SaaS) Data as a service (DaaS)
Data base as a service (DBaaS) Data base as a service (DBaaS)

Features to look for a Cloud Web Hosting:

  • Dynamic computing infrastructure:  A good Cloud host will provide you a dynamic computing infrastructure enabling you to enjoy great flexibility. It will always live up to your changing demands and requirements while keeping the basic computing architecture intact.
  • Data transfer volume and Data transfer rate: A good cloud web host will offer you large data transfer volume and high data transfer rate. You can always request the company to upgrade data transfer volume and rate. In the end, you must be satisfied enough by the fast operating servers of a cloud web hosting company; if not, it is better to move on and search for a better one.
  • Total control over your account: The cloud hosting company provides you total control over your account allowing you to make changes to data, files and customize the database. The host company provides powerful tools for a client for secure and confidential logging. The administrator can authorize a number of users to access the cloud computing network and work on it simultaneously without damaging any file and losing data. With the user friendly interface provided by the host, a client can customize and manage his account.
  • Accessible on different systems: A cloud network can be easily accessed through computers as well as other Internet supporting devices such as mobile phones, notebooks and tablets.
  • Easy Installation and Wide Compatibility: The cloud computing software can be easily and safely installed on a computer system. The networking software is compatible with all kinds of operating systems. Even a customer can come up with a customized or an open operating system.
  • Converging all resources on your PC: A Cloud hosting provider enables you to use all different resources of the cloud computing network at one place. A number of users can take advantage of unlimited memory, fast processing, greater network bandwidth, virtual machines and e-mail services, all working in a synch on their PC systems.
  • Customer Support and after sales services: A good cloud web host is always ready to listen to your problems and fulfil your requirements. A customer can contact the service provider through different modes such as chat, e-mail or phone. Whenever, you find a problem in connecting to the network, sending e-mails, opening files, data storage or having any security concern, you can easily contact with Customer support. A good host acts very swiftly for any short term or long term requirements such as license number, bandwidth, processing speed and data storage.
  • Above 95% Cloud Uptime:  Most of the Cloud web hosting providers claim to provide 98% or above Cloud uptime. However, a user can be sure to get above 95% cloud uptime. Different Cloud web hosting providers offer different kind of solutions in case of emergency or when a cloud server crashes. For example, If a Rackspace server fails, the network will be able to access local RAID 10 disk for data storage.
  • Price of packages and services: Before taking services from a host, please go through price of packages and the services they include
  • Save Operations running cost: The cloud server network model save operating cost of large business enterprises and online organizations. The cloud model is eco-friendly, as it saves power and reduces emission of pollutants from thermal power plants
  • Control your bill, Pay only for what you have used: A good cloud host allows you take control of your bill. The cloud host offers you a consumption based interface that tracks your service usage and displays charges for them. Thus, you can control your usage to avoid hefty bills. A person can easily optimize his usage to control his bill.

Cloud Web Hosting – Bottomline

Cloud computing offers a large number of advantages. To get all benefits of cloud computing, you only need services from a nice Cloud webhosting company. Before considering services from a Cloud host, you must take certain features of the cloud service provider into account.

By adding Cloud web server and cloud space to your company’s private network, you are creating unlimited space for your enterprise’s ever expanding resources with quick availability to users. While considering a cloud service package, a user can consider certain requirements such as data back up space, bandwidth speed, data transfer speed and the kind of flexibility he wants with Cloud web hosting service.

For example a user may want flexibility with data storage, another may need flexibility with bandwidth speed and some may be in search of an economical cloud package with limited features. Hence, a user must discuss his or her requirements with representatives of Cloud web hosting provider while getting a quote for a cloud service package.