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Every person who is operating an online business of any type, from writing a personal blog which is shared between friends and family to a complex public website, cloud based storage is very necessary, even if it is not mandatory virtually.  Cloud storage is not just a good place for securing files such that floods, burglars and fires do not deprive the person with important data. This is an outstanding way for sharing data; which includes tutorials, graphics and content etc. with your simulated customers and assistants.

CloudBerry Online Backup for Amazon S3 helps create back up of any computer on the internet, whether the computer is at home or it is a server of an enterprise. It is instant and has an easy back up wizard. This has made it extremely easy to restore the files. Also, with the in-built encryption protocols, Cloud Berry keeps the data highly secure.


CloudBerry Online Backup is extremely easy and simple to install. The software gets downloaded in three clicks. After the installation, you can easily create a back-up set, schedule it and run the basic back-up.

Once the Amazon S3 Account gets created, S3 Access key and the Secret Key from the user’s account Security Credentials page is to be generated. Later, the keys from the site of Amazon are copied and pasted in the CloudBerry Storage.

Why CloudBerry?


CloudBerry is easier to configure and it has a user- friendly interface with which the system administrator has ready access to the data. With this tool, even a critical system can be restored with ease. Also, CloudBerry has versioning control with which it can retrieve the edited version which was revised more than one time.

Cloud Berry has leveraged the Amazon S3 service for providing ready space for storage to the companies that have diverse requirements for storage. The billing structure of Amazon S3 is created around what is required by the user rather than a tape size or a fixed drive. CloudBerry offers an encryption technology which helps you keep your data secure by using a personal password.

CloudBerry offers an interface that is highly customizable for backing up your data to the Amazon S3. While, the back-ups are running, CloudBerry utilizes almost 100 MB memory and no storage on the CPU virtually, which means it does not slow the speed of your desktop.


Scheduling and Real-Time Cloud Backup

This feature sets up a backup or schedule automatically. CloudBerry Backup Desktop runs like a Windows service and tracks folders for changed or new files and immediately creates their backup to the Amazon S3 cloud.


It reduces the size of the backups with compression at the user’s end before the Amazon S3 backup. It becomes easier to create a backup at Amazon cloud and the S3 cloud than requires lesser space for storage if the compression feature is used.

Block Level Backup

This helps to change certain parts of your files and creates a backup of them on the Amazon S3. The tools of CloudBerry Backup detect all these parts and upload them to the cloud automatically.


The pricing for Cloudberry’s Amazon S3 Cloud Desktop Backup is $29.99.  However, the price plan for using Amazon S3 cloud storage is given below, and it’s apart from the service charges offered by CloudBerry Lab.

cloud berry

Bottom line

It is crucial to back up all the business data. CloudBerry Online Backup has made life easy and you do not have to worry regarding any mishaps that might eradicate your data because all your data is off-site at one of the biggest data centers in the world. This has also lessened the chances of data tempering by including the algorithms of data encryption. Lastly, CloudBerry is very easy to use, which is of utmost importance for the organizations that do not have full time IT staff.