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Double Horn Communications

The meritorious attributes of Cloud computing are surely alluring in organizations to become vendors and cash on this profitable prospect. This time it is DoubleHorn Communications, which, an already renowned and award-winning managed communications provider, announced today, its take on enterprise level Cloud computing resources as IPOne™ Cloud.

IPOne™ Cloud, will aim to cater small businesses and enterprises with a suit of smart and secure Cloud resources such as application and file servers, document collaboration solutions, Storage and version control platforms that will be highly accessible, secure and scalable over DoubleHorn Core Network.

With such Cloud oriented facilities DoubleHorn will allow small business to avail the full fledged Cloud Computing environment which is typically only available and achievable by big and large enterprises. SMBs by availing such services will be able to minimized their capital expenditures and costly overruns, they procure in managing their on-premise IT infrastructures.

Elements of IPOne – A Comprehensive Cloud Resource Platform

Following are the elements of IPOne™ Cloud suit:

IPOne™ Servers

IPOne will provide reliable and proficient Cloud servers to businesses that want to host their business online in the scalable, secure and cost effective Cloud environment

IPOne™ Documents

IPOne via its document Collaboration solution will allow businesses to involve in seamless content sharing and collaborate in projects form everywhere all via internet. Here, access and version control features will also be of great help to businesses.

IPOne™ Storage

Businesses will be allowed to attain the proactive support of Cloud backup and Cloud storage solutions. Where they will be able to safe keep, sync and share their huge data into the reliable Cloud environment.

IPOne™ Fax

Users can link their existing scanner, fax and copier devices with the high speed internet. This will help them inhibit Costly overheads and increase their productivity all through desktop faxing.

By pursuing this prospect, DoubleHorn Communications not only paves the way for businesses to grow, but also partners itself with Cloud industry leaders such as RackSpace, Amazon Web Services and IBM.