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Dropbox for students

Cloud services have gained huge popularity in recent years, especially cloud storage for archiving and backup of digital data. It lets you bring documents, photos and videos anywhere and share them with teams and friends easily. It also enables users to backup files via its amazing drag and drop option or simply uploads it on the cloud server.

In a stiff competition with leading enterprise cloud solution providers, Dropbox emerges as one of the highly admired service provider with more than 100 million users across the globe.

It was founded in 2007 by two MIT students, with the purpose to provide extended online storage and backup protection for valuable digital data on a reliable platform.

Dropbox activity at Somewhere around the World

Recently Dropbox makes an appearance at University of Massachusetts; it goes into the campus for good reasons against some of the established digital services including Moodle, UDrive and Spark.

Dropbox’s mobility is expected to be acknowledged by the students, as it allows them to archive files over the virtual servers. Uploading files from their accounts, accessing them via remote device and sharing them with mates & teachers are among the big advantages incorporated with their service.

On free account one can get 2GB storage space on Dropbox Cloud, initially. However, additional 500 MB will be awarded by Dropbox on every successful referral up to 18GB – an overwhelming offer indeed. By opting paid account, you can get 100 GB for a price $9.99 per month to 500 GB for $49.99 per month.

What Features make Dropbox a perfect solution for Students?

  • One of the most considerable features is the Dropbox account folder installed on your system; it seems like a simple folder placed on your desktop and also work like other folders. However every file stored in this folder will be instantly SYNC with your virtual space – users do not require to separately upload each file.
  • The collaborating sharing option of Dropbox is even more useful. Once a folder is shared with a group, it easily accommodates members to access and place files over it. Putting files in or taking files out over personal computer is quite easy. User who created the sharing folder to grant limited or full access to shared members. This intuitive feature could work in classroom environment, instructor and students both can be connected via single folder – assignments, progress or any task can be easily shared.
  • The wide accessibility option provides convenience to students while accessing their files around the campus like in the classroom, library, hostel etc. They do not have to carry USB flash drive, external hard drive or self-email – Dropbox can be accessed via web interface also for robust and secure accessibility. Students can upload & download documents and other files directly from the web interface.
  • Multiple dropbox apps are available for Android and iOS devices, that enable students to view, upload and download their files. Photos and videos can directly be uploaded through the app to view and share with friends. Word document can be directly edited through application without downloading them.

Moving ahead with Dropbox – Students, you are on the right path

Considering the reliable services and viable backup support provided by Dropbox in recent years, it is for sure considered to be as a streamlined cloud storage service – offering fast and easy access to stored files.

We hope that the discussed information is of some importance to you, especially for students who want touch base with their classmates, teachers and friends. For more information about Dropbox – you can visit Dropbox profile to explore more out of it.

Dropbox Students