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Dropbox for Developers

FROM THE NEWS ROOM: Dropbox, one of the most renowned names in the cloud storage providers industry, has announced its first ever developer’s conference ‘DBX’ to be held on July 9th, 2013. The venue will be Fort Mason, San Francisco. It’s the same place where the company is headquartered.

This conference will be a great venture as it will bring together the creative team of Dropbox and the partners, sharing some really great information regarding new products and developments. It will help roping in more consumers into the Dropbox users’ list.  You can also have the opportunity to interact and share your ideas with the designers and engineers working on the API of Dropbox.

Dropbox is having its entire attention towards expanding its client base and maximizing its revenue as soon it will be up for its first IPO (initial public offering). This conference can somewhat be considered a part of that strategy before going public.

According to the officials from Dropbox, this conference will provide an opportunity to the developers to gain knowledge and information about the latest developments and releases of the Dropbox. The developers will also have the opportunity in this conference to interact with the API team of the Dropbox. This event ‘DBX’ marks the success and independency of the Dropbox.

Recently, Dropbox has shifted its focus towards business world for targeting a larger audience. For this purpose, Dropbox has launched its new product ‘DropBox for Business’ to deal with the taut completion already existing in the market.

‘DBX’ signifies the huge market share of Dropbox reflecting its massive success over the years. We may view Dropbox as a mature and grown up company as it has grown large enough to have a developer conference of its own. Let’s wait for the July 9th to witness what it brings out for the Dropbox.

To join this event of Dropbox – you need to request an invitation by visiting here. It’s not free, But it is worth attending! Tickets are limited and it cost only $350 per person. If you are interested to attend this event and explore the potentials offered by Dropbox ‘request an invitation’ now. For more details about Dropbox, please visit the profile below:

Dropbox for Developers