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The overwhelming file synchronization and file sharing features evolves with the boom of mobile and cloud computing technology, it is fast becoming foundation technology in enterprises.

Cloud framework was initially started to share digital information, now it provides robust storage services and offers medium to run enterprise level applications.

Even though, Cloud computing takes sharing and collaboration to a whole new level, it is still, a challenge to share files across different application environments. Egnyte, the popular hybrid cloud provider has the answer to that challenge, where it combines extended file-sharing capabilities with enhanced synchronization advantages.

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud is offering syncing capability for hosting third party cloud providers on its platform; the third party list includes some leading Cloud market giants like Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and NetApp storage.

Egnyte File Sharing

Consumers of new EgnytePlus can utilize the integrated third party cloud via its interface to fetch basic file structuring. However, all permissions and rights will be reserved as set by customers in their internal infrastructure.

The mechanism is simple at the user end according to Vineet Jain, CEO Egnyte,the data will be retrieved from the third party cloud providers on user’s request and then transferred on to user.Additionally, users also get to access features like file-versioning and auditing in the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud panel.

While Egnyte belives that businesses can enjoy cost-effective cloud initiatives with the Hybrid Cloud model, certain policies have been placed with regards to the data on Egnyte servers.Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

Vineet Jain also said that the Cloud market is rapidly becoming commoditized; Egnyte has always been determined to add value to its services that will be,eventually,transferred to customers. He also added that Egnyte is focused to deliver enterprises with better file sharing and synchronization strategy.

Versioning, auditing, large scale deployment, permission control, speed, and mobility used to be the problem areas. However the integration with other leading cloud providers will help in resolving such issues..

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud uses multiple Network Attached Storage (NAS) installed locally and integrates with its Cloud Server in Storage Attached Network (SAN) provided by Egnyte.

It allows companies to gain multiple benefits from Egnyte – offline accessibility, uploading of large files from local storage, worldwide accessibility, synchronization features from Egnyte Cloud Server.

This offers a single platform for customers to approach their data. It extends digital accessibility for Customers by adding other cloud providers on its platforms, making the whole process of accessing, and working with, major Cloud service providers cost-effective and efficient.

This invaluable addition would help Egnyte take advantage of current trends for a more efficient Cloud adoption model that brings multiple Cloud services under a single platform ofcurrent trends for a more efficient cloud adoption model that brings multiple Cloud services under on a single platform.