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Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

Egnyte brings innovation in Cloud storage domain – it delivers a hybrid of local storage coupled with cloud storage. Egnyte integrates its cloud based file server with user’s network attached storage device.

It provides an option to install Egnyte’s Cloud over your network storage enabling offline accessibility to your digital material. It makes the process of accessing and uploading large files quite fast as compare to accessing it via cloud account.

The two core components that built Egnyte, so powerful are Egnyte Cloud Server and Egnyte Local Cloud. Local cloud delivers private cloud functionality that stores data files on computer, virtual machine or network storage device.

These locally stored files are synchronized automatically to an Egnyte cloud server, enabling the user to remote-access their data from anywhere.

What advantages you can get with Egnyte Hybrid Cloud?

The prime advantage you can achieve from the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud is that your local file is no more required; in addition to that your digital data is always available to you without virtual private network connection while you are login remotely. Backup services and disaster recovery are also incorporated with Egnyte Cloud.

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud resolves bandwidth limitation issues by conjoining the speed and protection of local storage with scalable and wide accessibility of the cloud environment. It assists business in storing large files, backing digital data up for restoration & recovery whether online or offline and improved sharing option for team collaboration.

It assists business in storing large files, backing digital data up for restoration & recovery whether online or offline and improved sharing option for team collaboration.

Egnyte Cloud brings Local Storage to cope with your Business Need

Egnyte delivers suitable plans with surety that would certainly meet your requirements; let’s see what they are offering for different kinds of users.

– Personal local Cloud

It is designed for home offices, gives individual user access to data files over their personal computer while they are offline. It is installed and configured on Windows or Mac personal computer; all stored files are synced with cloud space for backup and recovery.

– Office local Cloud

Egnyte provides centralized local access point for small and branch offices. It enables teams to interact better on projects contributing in the overall productivity of the business.

Office local cloud is deployed on ReadyNAS by Egnyte, and it syncs digital files between local storage and cloud server. It also has provision for allocating permissions and rights on files – enhancing protection of user data. Below are two plans for small business:

– Enterprise Egnyte Local Cloud

It is specially developed for enterprise and multi-office setup, allowing teams to interact and collaborate via centralized, single access point. It is deployed as VMware virtual application and synchronizes digital content between cloud server and local storage facility.

It also enables the user to map network drive with ease of virtual application to access files and folder from their system directly. To improve security measures with least efforts, it by default enforces all permissions granted in the cloud on to local cloud. A feasible plan for enterprises is as follows:

Feature Enriched Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

Egnyte hybrid cloud is highly enriched with intuitive features and innovative services – it provides comprehensive file support, advance file sharing and collaboration options combined with robust security and data protection.

  • Complete File Support

Egnyte allows complete file format support to virtually store any file on your cloud account. It includes all word documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, videos and movies, high resolution photograph and what not. Egnyte cloud also enables to store music files, and you are provisioned for music streaming via any music player or application.

  • Optimum Security Plan

Egnyte provides one of the most comprehensive security plan, which ensures data protection all the time while transmission process or during storage over cloud server. Egnyte data centers are Tier II standard and SAS 70 complaint certified, monitored by skilled technical staff 24 hours.

Egnyte’s network security is protected with a firewall and strong SSL encryption. It also incorporates a network intrusion detection system for blocking hacking attacks. Egnyte servers are encrypted with AES 256 bit over socket secured layer (SSL). It requires a username and password to access files and folders on your account.

  • Enthusiastic Customer Support

An informative overview is available on a website that thoroughly demonstrates all features offered by Egnyte and how can you make them work. Support link provided by Egnyte assist you to gain information regarding Sales, Billing, Reseller.

It also has provision for suggestions and feedback. User can directly contact Egnyte representative via toll-free phone or email support round the clock.

Egynte Hybrid Cloud can be a cost-saving solution for Enterprises

Managing in-house IT servers involve a great deal of challenges including maintenance of servers, backups, hardware and software. In addition to this, it is found to be an expensive option to opt for as well.

However, if we look at the Cloud solution, we find it to be a relatively economical and time saving alternative. With Egnyte Hybrid Cloud, you can calculate and compare the cost between both In-house and Egnyte Hybrid Cloud file server, before moving ahead.

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

The calculation indicates that you can save 1000’s of bucks by switching from In-house Server to Egynte Cloud Server. So let’s get started and calculate how much your organization can save with Egynte Hybrid Cloud.

Gain the Egynte Hybrid Cloud Advantage

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud could provide you with advantages from both worlds; local storage allows fast & secure access to even large files while scalability & accessibility is attained through cloud platform. Get your free trial now and enjoy hybrid advantages from a leading cloud provider – Egnyte.

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud