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Founded in 2001, Egnyte is a Cloud File Server that provides the on-demand infrastructure services to small, medium and large businesses. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA; Egnyte offers cloud services including file sharing, large file transfer, collaboration and backup capabilities.

With data centers located across the United States, as well across Western Europe, Egnyte is truly global with additional presence in Asia and Canada. Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution that is aimed at businesses requiring a rich set of features – comprehensive file support, versatile file sharing and robust security measures.

Egnyte New Alluring Homepage

To further enhance user experience Egnyte, the versatile Cloud storage provider has now modified the design and feel of their home page. The new homepage clearly shows the reputable partnered cloud provider Egnyte has and provides a clear and easy interface to the users.

Egnyte Online Storage

Feature Enriched Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

Egnyte cloud has several amazing features which help users to store, backup and share their data online with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Here we are first going to discuss about the enriched features offered by Egnyte.

– Automatic or Scheduled Backup: Egnyte offers automatic backups along with the ability to set up and schedule back up at any time. Files stored on the Personal Local Cloud are continuously synchronized and backed up. The process helps create copies of all stored files, enabling users to have access to their data both offline and online.

Egnyte Scheduled Backup

– Sync Multiple Devices: Egnyte provides file sync for a large variety of devices and offers apps making it compatible with Android (Phones, Xoom, Galaxy, Kindle, Nook, etc.), HP WebOS, and Windows Mobile (Touchpad). As of last update, there have been no compatible apps for Blackberry devices.

– Quick & Easy File Sharing: Egnyte provides extremely straightforward and easy way to share documents within teams, across multiple offices and with business partners. Users can collaborate with file links, email attachments or shared folders. Egnyte Shared folders provide efficient file-sharing. Administrators can setup a unique central administrative scheme for the purpose of sharing files and folders with stakeholders.

Egnyte Online Storage

– Intelligent Storage: With Egnyte, users can choose where the data is stored – in Egnyte, on a local storage, or on any other hosting solution (Azure, S3, Netapp). You can use Egnyte cloud file server to access, share, and store all your business files online or utilize hybrid cloud that combines Egnyte cloud file server with any storage equipment (SAN/NAS/Direct-attached) currently in use, taking advantage of existing access protocols (CIFS/NFS).

– Advanced Visibility & Control: Built with businesses in mind, Egnyte allows granular permission management so the admin can define access rights at the sub-folder level. Egnyte’s robust audit reporting capabilities, combined with strict integration of authentication (AD/LDAP) protocols, empowers convenient and real-time monitoring and management for I.T personnel

– Optimum Security Plan: Egnyte stores data in redundant Tier II, SAS 70 compliant facilities that are manned by 24-hour security. With enhanced secure data hosting and redundancy, Egnyte also offers enterprise calibre security with SSL encryption at all data touch points and 256-bit AES encryption of data during transmission, as well as at rest. For the enterprise version, Egnyte also offer customer managed encryption key for all cloud based data storage. This is particularly useful for large-scale cautious with sharing valuable and confidential business files over the cloud.

– Enthusiastic Customer Support: Egnyte provides 24X7 telephonic customer support and premium support to Enterprise plan users. We found that Egnyte has a very active forum, and their knowledge base is quite comprehensive with online incident reporting. Their technical staff seemed to be knowledgeable, and a waiting time of 24hrs was experienced for customer query via online support service. Users can find links to all of the Egnyte apps, along with easy-to-follow how-to videos, application downloads, and helpful guides for easy reference.

Egnyte Online Storage

Egnyte Online Storage

Ease of Use with Egnyte

Egnyte offers easy file access and sharing using a mapped drive, mobile device or any standard browser. Users can experience real-time collaboration with document versioning, edit alerts, file locking, etc., can easily store, share, access, and backup files, while I.T has the centralized administration and control to enforce business policies. In this review, we are going to cover some of the essential touch points that makes Egnyte an option to use with ease, and peace of mind.

– Quick Installation & Setup: Egnyte provides a remarkably straightforward and quick installation for all types of devices. For Egnyte quick installation, simply choose the type of app you need from here:

Below we show the desktop sync, and it took about 10 secs to install and get ready to upload files. Select and run the Egnyte app on your PC and the step-by-step wizard will guide you through installation and setup.

Egnyte Online Storage

Once installed, you will need to login to your Egnyte account for setup completion. Here, you can edit sync and account settings, as well.

Egnyte Online Storage

If you want, you can click on “Access Cloud” to access files on the cloud. It is painless and intuitive web interface that shows the files on the cloud.

Egnyte Online Storage

– Quick BackUp: Egnyte allows users to store files securely in the cloud. We like the fact that it allows back up data with continuous file sync. Local files are automatically replicated in the cloud, providing redundant copies for data recovery. Users are able to browse and upload files using the desktop or mobile interface as well as through the online interface as below.

Egnyte Backup

– Mapped drive: Users now have the ability to store their data directly via their PC, with the help of Egnyte Mapped Drive, which is just as easy as storing a file into your computer’s partition.

However, if you use a shared computer, Egnyte integrates user authorization techniques to ensure that only the authorized user accesses the folder. Secondly, the mapped drive also collaborates with real-time editing of files stored in it with you, or with any individuals you have shared your mapped drive with.

– Compatibility: Egnyte enables file uploads of any type and size using desktop (PC/Mac) sync, web browser, mobile app, mapped drive or FTP. It requires iOS 4.0 or later and leverages mobile devices to provide widespread accessibility to user files on the go.

Restore Deleted Files:Egnyte allows users to access files from anywhere, from any computer or mobile device. Simply login and instantly download your files from the web interface. Files are always accessible, online or offline.

Egnyte Online Storage

Egnyte Pricing Plan

Focused on businesses of various sizes, Egnyte offers 4 different payment plans: Group, Office, Business, and Enterprise. Which differ in storage shared by users of the respective account, this means that users are provided with  huge data, currently up to 16TB.

However, weighing in IT costs; small businesses could find it cheaper than hosting their own file servers. In case users are in need of storage space more than 2 TB, it is suggested that they should get contact the support team, who will be more than willing to help out  customers with their unique requirements, and accordingly get a cost effective customized plan.

Free Trial of Egnyte

In addition, Egnyte offers a free ‘no credit card required’ 15 day trial so you can get a firsthand experience of the services they offer. However, to attain a free trial for enterprise plan, users are required to get in touch with the sales representative of Egnyte so that a custom quotation or plan can be mustered in accordance to the user’s needs.

Egnyte Online Storage

 Quick Snapshot

Pros of Egnyte

  • Simple & intuitive user interface to access and collaborate
  • IT retains central administration and visibility
  • A variety of apps for back up and sync making files available on all kinds of devices
  • Good file security features plus file versioning, annotations and change notifications
  • No file size limit for file sharing

Cons of Egnyte

  • Not meant for consumers
  • Not the most affordable option for new businesses

Overall, Egnyte is a good choice for SMBs who are looking for a powerful and an easy-to-use cloud service with a wide range of access options.

Egnyte: The good, the bad, in general

– Positive: A unique hybrid cloud solution that offers rich cloud and local storage capabilities with easy and affordable business plans. This allows I.T departments to have a single centralized access point for data.

– Negative: Above-average pricing for startups, and certainly not aimed at consumers.

– Bottom Line: Egnyte provides cost-effective cloud storage solution for SMBs.