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Egnyte Google Drive

The recent announcement by Egnyte marks the unification of its enterprise storage and sharing service with Google Drive’s document collaboration. This puts an end to the prevailing paradox about Google Drive that it’s not been built for enterprise purpose due to its not entirely secure below the file level. With this collaboration, Egnyte makes the platform of Google Drive more accessible to be used across an organization.

Prior to this collaboration, one needed to access Google Drive to create, edit and view stored documents and for other file types like CAD drawings and images, Egnyte was used. But now, a single place is sufficient to have access to all kinds of services offered by Google Drive and Egnyte.

Egnyte CEO, Vineet Jain said,

.We know the files employees need in order to do their jobs can live anywhere in an enterprise. Our unique hybrid approach provides a unified namespace for all these files, no matter where they reside..

Enterprises and firms can now have the flexibility to avail the amazing services offered by Egnyte enterprise storage solution and Google Drive’s cloud based document storage, all at one single place. With the Egnyte platform, now you can have access to Google documents whether stored on-premise or in the cloud and you can even provide them with higher security level. This lets a company to have a secure folder for its financial documents. Documents created using Google Docs are synced using Egnyte file hub. Egnyte also offers a comprehensive audit trial allowing you to see all the details related to the document.

Jain further added,

.This new Google Drive integration makes enterprise users even more productive by providing a single, simple view into all files they have access to, no matter where those files are located – on-premise, in the cloud, or in Google Drive..

This extremely brilliant integration of Google Drive into Egnyte’s platform allows rapid sharing with business associates and customers. This is done by letting users share Google Drive files through secure and safe links, eliminating the need of using Gmail account by the recipient.

Egnyte Google Drive