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Cloud Storage is one of the most helpful and advantageous segment of Cloud technology. It provides users a repository to store their data, in-addition to their existing on-premise physical storage devices. However, with Cloud storage, the use of Conventional storage devices has gone down- And why wouldn’t it be?

You would agree to the fact that your hard drive is vulnerable, and that too in many cases. If for once your computer crashes, you may lose your entire data. This is the same case with USBs and CDs that once break or malfunction, will work no more and you can be sure to lose all of that data which you were unfortunately carrying in them.

Top 10 Encrypted Cloud Storage Providers – The List

All of these providers (In General), though distinct with their features, provide a highly secure Cloud storage experience. However, if you are concerned about keeping your data only to you, you can utilize some tools or choose a Client-Side encryption enabled Cloud Storage provider which we have narrated below.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 JustCloud $4.49/mo . ..... Provider
2 Livedrive $6.00/mo . ..... Provider
3 ZipCloud $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
4 SpiderOak $10.00/mo . ..... Provider
5 MyPCBackup $4.49/mo . ..... Provider
6 SugarSync $7.49/mo . ..... Provider
7 iDrive $4.95/mo . ..... Provider
8 Mozy $5.99/mo . ..... Provider
9 Dropbox $9.99/mo . ..... Provider
10 Wuala $3.68/mo . ..... Provider

Conventional Storage Options can Kill your Data Integrity

Imagine your personal computer that holds some precious and sensitive information, gets hacked- all of that confidential information will be compromised. Much likely, you won’t even be able to make any amends until you discover outrageous damage both to your reputation and finances.

This can be the same case with Portable drives; First of all, you would always have to carry them with you and as they are so fragile, you never know when they’ll break. Secondly, there is always an impending danger of them getting stolen or forgotten. Although they may provide you with quite some space to store your data, but because of the above mentioned and various other reasons these fragile probabilities are never a reliable option for data storage or backups.

Why is Cloud Storage a “Must-Have” for IT?

Cloud storage, lets users perform all the activities; they previously performed with their physical drive. However, they are more functional and efficient. With Cloud storage users not only can store their data onto the Clouds but they also have the ability to sync that data with numerous other devices that are under their use.

There are a lot more features of Cloud storage and each Cloud Storage provider is distinct in its offerings. However, in this post we aim to highlight how Cloud storage protects your data integrity via Encrypted Cloud storage services. Which is the key player of Cloud Storage’s security Protocols.

» The High End Security Protocol – Encrypted Cloud Storage

Becoming the most popular and widely used segment was only possible for Cloud Storage because it procures a highly secure and safe environment. To safe guard user’s data integrity, encrypted cloud storage allows data to be contained in fortified environments.

With the help of encrypted cloud storage the data present inside the Cloud servers is changed into a form which if scrutinized by unauthorized personnel is unrecognizable and useless. Confused, lets break this down more simply.

» How Does Encrypted Cloud Storage Work

Encrypted Cloud Storage turns information present inside the users Cloud infrastructure into CipherText.This is achieved with the help of Encryption algorithms that reside in your Cloud storage.

Cipher text is basically the coded form of information which cannot be understood even in-case the tunneling provided to the data is penetrated. Although, penetration is majorly taken as a fallacy in Cloud storage but still Military grade encryption such as this, keeps your sensitive data secure at all costs.

» Data is Encrypted When Transitioned

Once the data escapes from the secure environment of the Cloud, there is quite much probability of it to be compromised. Hence, encryption is given great importance when a certain user submits or retrieves any information from the Cloud. Certain Cloud Storage providers make sure that during the transitioning phase the Data observes high-level encryption.

This process is immensely important when users are using public connectivity options in cafes, public Wifis or such. As by majority these places are believed to be the play ground for assailants that are always on the prowl to peek into user’s information.

While you are using your Cloud Storage solution from your mobile phone or PCs the transition phase- encrypted Cloud storage makes the underlying information un-decipherable for them.

» Encrypted Cloud Storage and the Decoding Key

During encryption of the data, a certain decoding key is also made which allows administrators to decrypt and encrypt the data. The administrator is obviously the user who contains the proper authoritative control over its Cloud storage.,/p>

The Decoding or Decryption key is formulated just as the data is encrypted inside the Cloud server or for transitioning. The user either has to input the decryption key while accessing Cloud Storage, or it is Automatically given once the user access the account after passing proper Authorization protocols.

» Debates On Cloud Storage Encryption Key

As your respective Cloud Storage provider encrypts the data while it is in flow or rest and procures a decoding key, the possession of that key has always been under quite a big debate.

Some assert that Cloud providers may also possess the decoding key while some say that it is only the right of users to possess it. This is often related to the most sensitive type of data which Cloud storage providers are not privy to.

This limitation of the CSPs is also applicable in the health care sector which is protected by the podium of HIPAA laws that provide brief guidance regarding protection and encryption of data or EHRs.

If you are using your Cloud storage to store some very sensitive information, it is suggested that you should look into some additional encryption methods that would let you encrypt your data while it’s stored and limit its accessibility only to you. In light of this, here are a few unique tools that you can use to further encrypt your data residing in your Cloud.

Encrypted Cloud Storage – List of Some Client-Side Encryption Options

The above compiled list will help you in choosing one, or more than one (depending on your need) in the domain of encrypted cloud storage. We know, that there are some other providers that offers client-side-encryption, too. So we thought to provide our readers with a list of those, too. Take a look at it and see which one best suits to your need.

Rank Vendor Price Free Trial Rating Visit Site
1 iDrive $4.95/mo . ..... Provider Profile
2 SpiderOak $10.00/mo . ..... Provider Profile
3 Wuala $3.68/mo . ..... Provider Profile

Try Client –Side Encryption Services

Certain Cloud Storage solution providers such as SpiderOak and Wuala offer Client-side encryption services which makes your Cloud data encrypted even to your Cloud provider. This means that the data you store into your Cloud storage space is even unknown to your Cloud storage provider.

For more information regarding these encryption based solutions, we would also suggest you to look into this Blog post.  It offers a complete documentation on the how to’s of additional or Client Side Encryption techniques. Moreover, below are some of the tools which you can use for cloud storage encryption.

# 1 – Boxcryptor

This is a great encryption tool that allows you to encrypt your files stored in your Cloud Storage folders. BoxCryptor is compatible with nearly all of the Cloud Storage solutions and creates a sub folder in your Cloud storage folder, where you can add your most sensitive files.

BoxCryptor can also be used via smart phones and tablets, however, its compatibility and modification for certain operating systems such as iOS is still under development.

# 2 – TrueCrypt

Much like BoxCryptor, TrueCrypt also allows you to keep a folder into your Cloud Storage Solution or on the other hand put your Cloud Storage folder into the True Crypt encryption blob.

Once you move any file into the TrueCrypt no one can access these files until and unless they know the passphrase.


Here it is! Our take on Cloud storage encryption and security. We hope the information we’ve put into the piece would have inhibited your security concerns regarding Cloud Storage and tells you the importance of data integrity and how you can keep it that way.

All-in-All, Cloud Storage itself litereally has the potential to reduce your IT hassles and Security loopholes.  Here are some of top players of the Cloud Storage industry, we recommend you to try out the one you feel is the best (don’t forget to see our ratings too).