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Free File Hosting and uploadingIndividuals and companies have to create and store different kinds of files including documents, reports, data base, blogs, images, videos and much more.

Many times people and organizations find it difficult, to store large volumes of data on their PC systems or servers. They are in search of free space where they can store their voluminous data online and access the stored data from anywhere at any time other than the specific cloud storage option.

When you search on Internet, you will be able to see many free file hosting services. Some of them are very popular and deserves to get slot in the top slots.

Free File Hosting Services better than E-mail:

  • A good file hosting service allows users to share stored content with selected friends. This is  a better option than e-mail or email hosting as one can share large data files only with selected people you want.
  • While using a free e-mail service like gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AIM, Outlook and AOL, users can only transfer around 10MB-20MB of data at one time. With free file hosting services, one can upload and share 500MB or larger volume of data at one time.
  • Instead of sending so many attachments through a mail that often get bounced, you can simply send a link of the uploaded file. By clicking on the link, users on the other end will be able to retrieve large volumes of data posted by you.
  • Free file hosting providers enable users to keep their data safe and protected by using password.
  • Users can synchronize a free file hosting service with Microsoft Sharepoint, to upload and share a large number of files at one time.

If you have enormous requirement of storing large documents, pdf files, presentations, videos or images, you can take paid services of a file hosting provider. A brief description about some most popular free file hosting services will help you to choose the right one.


SkyDrive is a Microsoft powered free file hosting service. Its welcome offer provides 7GB of free storage to users. You can use SkyDrive to perform mutiple tasks. Its interface is remarakable and is very easy to use and execute. [Visit: SkyDrive]


MediaFire enables people to easily upload, share, download and manage data online. Users can store documents, power point presentations, adobe files, movies, videos and images on MediaFire.

With free file hosting service provided by MediaFire, users can upload 10 files at a time with 100MB size. Users get a direct link to upload files toand download files from social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, forums and blogs.  [Visit: MediaFire]

Box (formerly offers a high level of security, scalability with easy content management. Box offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and all features that you require for sharing content online with other people.

Box offers real time activity feed and allow users to reply to the posted comments at real time. Its easy integration with Google Docs allow users to create google docs and spreadsheets in the box. [Visit: Box]


Filefactory enables people to upload a file of max 2GB at one time. Users can upload any kind of file such as document, image, video and song etc.

Files posted on FileFactory can be downloaded infinite number of times. Files are stored on the cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. [Visit: FileFactory]


RapidShare is one of the most popular free file hosting services. Users can easily upload large files that can be downloaded within seconds because of fast download speed. People can upload and share almost any kind of data through Rapidshare. [Visit: RapidShare]


FileDropper offers a extensive service enabling users to upload files up to 5GB. You can share your personal link with other users so that they can easily download files from there. The interface is very simple but has dynamic functioning. You have to simply click on a button and start uploading all kinds of data. [Visit: FileDropper]

File Hosting Services – What do they do?

Some file hosting services store only specific kind of data. For example, Google docs and Scribd store only text documents. Similarly, Picasa, Flickr, Shutterfly, Yogile and photo bucket are popular web albums that store only images. File hosting companies also offer paid file hosting service by charging a small subscription fee also known as a premium account.

Advantages of Paid File Hosting Service:

By signing up for a premium account, users get different kinds of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • People can use super fast servers to download files with maximum feed.
  • Users can download files with the help of download managers such as DAP, IDM and Flashget.
  • People can instantly download files without any waiting time by clicking on the direct links for download.
  • Additional server slots help users to download files of any size with back up provided for those files.
  • With a premium account, you can upload, store, share and download extremely large files such as movies, e-books and songs.
  • Moreover, you get 24×7 customer support who are always available to sort out any problem you encounter during file download.

By using free file hosting services, people do not have to worry about data storage space on their PC systems and server. Users are free from worries of data theft and damage due to secure online storage provided by these hosts.

Moreover, users can easily share all kinds of data with selected users. With so many options offered by file hosting providers, file hosting service is useful for individuals, small companies as well as large online business organizations.