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Online storage or cloud storage is actually a virtual hard drive that is installed on the desktop and then linked directly to the online space. Once the users have downloaded the storage service on their PC, they can simply open the drive and edit, copy or paste something.

The technology is not just confined with Desktop syncing and options similar to that, perhaps you can also store and access your data online anytime without the need of a desktop, it can be uploaded or cam be visible by web applications and interface as well. But to make sure that all your files are protected and available when you require them, it is important to choose online cloud storage service providers having a good reputation and client base in the market.

Why do you Need that Extra Bit of Free Space on the Web?

Whether you are running a big organization or a small business, at any point of time you may require sending some large files to different people at the same time. Your website hosting provider only allows a limited amount of upload room where you can load images, files or any other information.

Free Online Storage

You may also face a situation where you want to share a very big file and your emails service doesn’t allow uploading of large files. Such situations can be solved only by opting the services of free online storage sites.

Today, there are numerous service providers trying to cater to the varied requirements of the clients. As a result, the market for free online storage services has become exceedingly crowded.

However, quality of service has always been a big factor and more does not always equate to better.  Deploying on free storage online is something that no users or company should approach lightly.

Best Free Online Storage – The List!

If you are searching for a reliable and free online storage provider then you can trust our valuable information and depend on trustworthy and reputed service providers. The list is as follows:

Rank Provider Free Space Visit
1 MyPCBackup 15MB visit provider visit rank
2 SOSOnlineBackup 5GB visit provider visit rank
3 JustCloud 15MB visit provider visit rank
4 Mozy 2GB visit provider visit rank
5 ZipCloud 15MB visit provider visit rank
6 SugarSync 5GB visit provider visit rank
7 Carbonite 1GB visit provider visit rank
8 ElephantDrive 2GB visit provider visit rank
9 YouSendit 2GB visit provider visit rank
10 CrashPlan 1GB visit provider visit rank
11 Box 5GB visit provider visit rank
12 IDrive 5GB visit provider visit rank
13 SpiderOak 2GB visit provider visit rank
14 MegaCloud 16GB visit provider visit rank
15 MediaFire 50GB visit provider visit rank

Once you have the most reliable free storage online service backing your valuable information or data, you can keep your files safe and never worry about any computer disasters or corrupted or lost files. As long as you enjoy an internet connection, you can easily have an access to your backed files with just few clicks.

A company has to weigh various options and consider the service that best fits their requirements. There is already a perception that the documents and files that are hosted and stored online are inherently at risk. But the users must understand the fact that it is only true for those online storage providers who do not adopt proper security measures. A better understanding of free online storage offerings and their use will allow the users to make the right choice.

Discussing Some of the Features of Free Online Storage:

Secured Storage: Many companies come to halt due to the loss of valuable data because of some unfortunate and unpredictable reason. This is the prime reason why most of the companies store duplicates of sensitive material on external hard drives stored in some secured locations.  This reduces lots of extra work and the risk of human error like forgetting to keep back up of important files.

File Sharing: You can easily share pictures, files and other work projects. You can give the permission to anyone to access the file from any locations without the hassles of sending huge email attachments.

Mobility: This feature is all about convenience and having everything at your fingertips. You cannot always carry your laptop with you but you can access the internet via a mobile and gain access to your stored files online. All you need is a password to edit, view and share the files.

Easy to use: Users do not like to struggle with the interface and the best free online storage providers will always make sure that they offer a service that is easy to understand and use.  Some service providers have an automatic and real time backup option that saves the data without waiting for the employees to do it manually.

How Safe are Free Online Storage Services?

The biggest issue with any free storage online is its data security. If the accounts are not secured, then they can be easily hacked and the files can be easily accessed. So it is better to avail the services of some reliable and reputed company and keep on changing the passwords so that it makes it difficult for the bad guys to crack it.

For the safety of your data you can also install some Free Antivirus and Malware Software and keep them updated. It is also better to avoid opening any attachments and links that could be risky. The users must beware of any phishing emails and any sort of messages that are sent from unknown senders that ask for some bank details and all.

Discussing Some of the Best Free Online Storage Services

Let us throw some light on some of the big players of the industry. They are well reputed and renowned as the big hits of the market with repect to ther services and technology they offer to end-users.

Google Drive:

All Gmail users can install and sync Google Drive with their Google account to access and store files. Since it is quick to download and easy to use and offers around 5GB of free storage, it can be installed on Macs, iPhones, iPads, PCs and Android devices


This is Microsoft’s free online storage offering and for this you require a Hotmail or Live mail account. It offers around 7GB of virtual storage space and can be easily downloaded to Macs, PCs, Windows and Android devices. You can also get some extra storage space by paying a monthly subscription. SkyDrive has some public and shared folders and they are only visible to specific selected people. You can also turn off the public folders.

Apple iCloud:

The free version offers 5 GB of storage space and it is the best place to store videos, books, photos and music. You can easily store music, videos, photos and books. With increased data you can boost the free allocation space with a subscription.


Launched in the year 2008, Dropbox is considered to be the biggest names in free online storage. It is available to any user having any kind of email address. It can be easily downloaded on PCs, ipads, Macs, iPhones, Blackberry and Android devices. Initially it offers 2GB space that can be boosted by adding friends to Dropbox.

Free Online Storage – Synopsis

Free online storage are great options to spend some time storing videos, photos, books, music etc. While maintaining the security and privacy of the data. We understand that having off-site copies is essential to save the data from any kind of disk failures, disasters and thefts. So we have recommended some of the best free online storage providers so that you can start securing your important files without much interruption.