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Businesses tend to lure customers to buy their services and products by unveiling attractive offers. Cloud storage is no different. Organizations engaged in providing cloud storage services have geared themselves up and they are now coming up with exciting offers on free cloud storage for their valued clients.

And the best news is: these offers are coming from the two of the giants in the cloud industry, Google and Microsoft.

First of all, Microsoft is offering a wholesome 100 GB of space on its OneDrive absolutely free of cost. That’s truly a gigantic space. And you can enjoy this offer for two full years, without paying a single penny. If you are ready to take action. This is the best opportunity for you. Grab it by both hands.

But wait! In order to get free space on OneDrive, you have to sign up for Microsoft’s exclusive service, i.e. Bing Rewards. Being a US citizen allows you to enjoy full benefits of this offer. If  you haven’t signed up for Bing Rewards account as yet, you must do that now!

Once you are on board, you can easily redeem your free 100 GB cloud storage space on OneDrive which is added to your already available 15 GB free storage. So, with Microsoft, you can get 115 GB of FREE CLOUD STORAGE for two years.

On the other hand, Google has come up with a relatively small, yet permanent deal. To mark the “Safer Internet Day”, the company is offering its users a 2 GB additional free space on Google Drive. Unlike, Microsoft, you don’t have sign for additional Google-sponsored services.

In order to get 2 GB free storage space on Google Drive, you only need to check your account setting. The process demands you to tick off options including, account recovery information update, recent sign up activity, checking the devices used to access your data, etc.

Remember though, you will need to perform these security checks before February 17, 2015. So, hurry up! The deadline is drawing closer.

So, if you act today, you can get 102 GB of FREE CLOUD STORAGE plus 15 GB each from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive and in the end, you’ll have a whopping 132 GB FREE storage for 2 years.