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FROM THE NEWS ROOM: Google Drive, one of the leading Cloud storage provider, in its race to get a competitive edge over its rivals have added a new and improved share-ability feature into its partition styled desktop folder. This latest feature update by Google Drive can be taken as its take on Dropbox’s highly acclaimed and friendliest interface.

This feature which was previously regarded as Dropbox’s differentiator and its key to popularity, when both the Cloud storage providers were compared-now is also compatible with Google Drive and will allow users to experience a much similar sharing functionality when storing their data on to the Cloud.

Now Google Drive users who previously used its web app sharing facility will now find the “share” option by right clicking the specific file they want to share. This recently added feature will allow users to share their files publicly among their friends and colleagues directly from their Desktop.

Google Drive Desktop App

As both the Cloud storage providers are high competitors and are always jazzing up their functionality to increase their user base, this new feature update by Google Drive would allow it to catch-up with its rival.

However, one might wonder; what took Google drive so long to add this feature which Dropbox already had several years ago.  All-in-All, for users who are still unable to see this new “share” option, Google says it’ll take them a few more days to roll it out. So hang on!

This is the latest happening at Google Drive. For more inforamtion, features and othrer traits offered by Google Drive – you can visit the profile below. If you are new here and don’t know much about Google Drive (which we believe isn’t possible) – then signup for a free 5GB Google Drive account and let all your cherished data sync and stored via single click option.

Google Drive NEW In-App