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Reasons for cloud emergence, its platforms on which the entire cloud is based upon and types of cloud computing models have already been discussed in the first part of the blog.

Now, our main focus in this blog is to cover the reasons and facts highlighting the need of cloud in the expanding business environment and what can be its aftermaths if not put to use properly.

Let us ponder upon some points with respect to this relation.

Why Cloud and not the Traditional IT Methods?

It has been clear that when cloud computing model was introduced, it was introduced with a view to give the business environment a highly flexible and scalable environment, which the traditonal IT methods lacked.

Thus, cloud computing and its managed services has captured the business place to a great extent leaving behind other technologies and age old IT methods.

However, despite being so unique and competent technology in itself, cloud lacks certain characteristics. These characteristics primarily involves security concerns that are vague and still need to be worked upon.

Significant Points about Cloud Computing

  • Flexibility: in terms of customizing software applications as well as hardware infrastructure is the biggest unique selling proposition of cloud computing methodology.
  • Device Independence: is what we are talking here. A world free from hardware and software stuff gives rise to virtualization.As also discussed in the previous blog posts on the difference between cloud computing and virtualization, it was to some extent clear that running operations using both the mediums as per their business needs.Thus, prime thing that should be considered while running the daily operations  on cloud is the fact that cloud related applications should be deployed by professional and experienced work force.Professional people are required for such sensitive issues because slightest of mistake while doing so can make organizations loose huge sums of money.
  • Monitoring: Thus, monitoring and managingcloud server is supposed to be one of the very important things in managed cloud solutions.Yet another thing regarding this relation is that cloud computing has provided a secured platformto the users in terms of safeguarding the confidentiality of the data in transit and as well as at rest.Infact, issues related to cloud’s security has always been a matter of concern and showed mixed reviews. Despite all the flaws in this relation, cloud computing model enjoys a versatile environment.

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Let us understand this context by taking some examples from the industry.

  • Bromium: A UK based cloud company that offer services and products related to cloud security and safeguard its clients identity from illegal and unauthorized parties.Its founders Gaurav Banga and Simon Crosby emphasize on the security of the virtualization of computers and promote their company catering to the cloud security concerns of the users using cloud computing model as their daily work operations platform.
  • CipherCloud: Yet another example of company that offers its services and porducts to the users is CipherCloud.The company is a California based cloud computing firm that specializes in cloud data encryption and tokenization.Users who face security problems can be benefited with their products and services that focus upon securing data at rest and in transit to in motion.Above mentioned companies are cloud security providers that have been working towards improving and enhancing the security concerns related to cloud computing.Thus, it is clear that cloud is here to stay for sure. Its future prospects are bright and expansion of more and more IT firms is expected with cloud evolution.Besides all this, that is going to be there with cloud and its managed services, the latest talks about it is the prompt reply by the US government that said the country is in dire need to shift from asset ownership to service provisioning.

    This would probably cut down operational IT costs of various organizations. Although, the matter has been taked about for last so many years now, with the evolution of cloud technology things have seem to become easy.According to the U.S government, a fraction of the amount of budget kept for IT and its related services should be spend on improving cloud technology as well.This would enable cloud platform to reach every commercial business unit making all the cloud operations easier to handle and manage.