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Host1Plus is a web hosting and a cloud solution provider that is being used in the U.S., the U.K. Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Lithuania since the year 2008. Access and implementation to different markets in the world has made it one of the most popular and frequently-used service providers for web hosting.

While providing all-rounder services for different protocols of web hosting, the quality of support provided by Host1Plus is remarkable and considered to be very efficient. However, the company does not only aspire to capture more markets in its strategic plan and mission. The company actually aims to exceed clients’ expectations through providing excellent web hosting services while also gaining repute amongst the reviewers.

Features of Host1Plus

Host1Plus focused on specific Cloud VPS services in the beginning after which the company realized that it is possible to attain customer satisfaction only once an encompassing web-hosting service framework is adopted so as that the client avails various services under one protocol. This was the reason that led this service provider to offer dedicated hosting since the year 2012, while making shared hosting available too.

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Pricing Plans

It was not long before the host could realize that Cloud VPS is more up-to-date than the outdated VPS services, making it a desirable choice in case of large scale projects. Out of the twenty plans available for Cloud VPS, the cheapest costs around $12.95 per month (including 256 MB RAM, 10Mbps network speed and disk space of 10 GB). On the other hand, the priciest plan costs around $362 per month having 12 GB RAM 25Mbps of network speed, 9.6GHz CPU and 300GB disk space.

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Shared hosting plans are fewer in number (namely the Mini, Midi and Maxi), but they are usually economical price-wise and feature-rich. Following a payment of only $2.95 per month, one can get 25GB of disk space, 250GB of bandwidth, unlimited domains and five sub-domains while another plan costing around $5.40 per month will give the client additionally unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains and sub-domains.

Apart from these client-friendly factors, Host1Plus also offers unique capabilities for example off-shore web hosting and adult hosting. Off-shore web hosting includes data centers in an off-shore territory whereby the websites hosted therein are subjected to certain liberal laws owing to controversies in their applicability.

Customer Service by Host1Plus

There are two toll-free lines dedicated to Host1Plus client; one is allotted to the U.S. while the other is used by the U.K region. The technicians available for customer support on these lines are greatly abreast with all that is happening with the clients and are fully capable to solve their problems. The web host, in addition to these toll-free numbers, provides support through live, knowledge based platforms, emails and live hat.

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Unique Features in Comparison to other Websites

There are several distinguishing features that make Host1Plus stand out amongst other ordinary websites:

  • 99.9% guaranteed up-time with indefinite hosting services that speaks for its reliability and stability.
  • More disk space with unlimited bandwidth allowing free browsing and purchase anytime of the day.
  • Round-the-clock technical support and assistance. The client is facilitated by qualified technicians all round the clock so that their technical queries and issues may be resolved resulting in their relief and satisfaction.

Final Words

Along with the need for Cloud services comes the requirements for quality host providers that can actually cater to customer needs in the most effective manner. The most suited provider in this regard is undoubtedly Host1Plus. The company is affordable, allows 99% uptime and offers the expertise of a qualified support team.

Host1Plus is widening its global outreach in a very consistent manner, with the aim to reach maximum number of clients. At present, the company aims to expand across the European Union and other regions world-wide. With so many features that are truly incomparable, Host1Plus can be the client’s number one choice when it comes to choosing a reliable web hosting service provider for all kinds of business start-ups.