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In this age of seamless communication, users are at ease while buying a product, paying their bills or exchanging their important business information with their service providers and other individuals. Internet has enabled them to perform various business transactions just from their computers, laptops or mobiles.

Any business transaction can be facilitated through just a few mouse clicks. Consequently a user’s money gets transferred to his service provider’s account. Similarly he is able to receive money from a friend or relative in his bank account through a similar methodology. The whole experience is so effortless and hassle free. No queuing, no traveling and no time wastage. Users stand to gain a lot from these type of technological advancements.


Though everything is so positive about this enterprising way of exchanging money and business information, there are individuals with evil intention who are looking for opportunities to rob people of their hard earned money through dubious means. They are not the knife wielding thugs lurking around in a street corner.

They are sophisticated men who have deep knowledge of technology and are ready to siphon off people’s money by employing computer viruses, malwares which attack people’s systems through emails and other forms and make them part with their important business and personal information. These people are described as hackers in purely technical terms.

Though there are individuals who are well aware of these security concerns and are willing to enforce extra data security measures and pump in more money to make their systems secure against the hacking attacks, but this is also a fact that there is still a large majority of people who are using internet, but are unaware of the risks involved in accessing internet without any data security checks. People using internet in cafes, airports and other public areas where many people use the same system for checking their information on the net are at a greater risk of their important information getting stolen and misused by the hackers.

Some strong security measures need to be enforced to protect user interests and make the task of hackers absolutely difficult. A lot of applications and service providers have started making concrete efforts in this direction. The prominent applications like Facebook, Twitter and many others are increasingly turning towards HTTPS security protocol to make the data of their users more secure and impregnable.

Proofhub HTTP security

An HTTPS security protocol enables encrypting of user data while receiving it from the user through the net and then decrypting it when the data reaches the application. Later it is stored in a safe location like a server. This data can be shared again with the user when required by following a similar methodology. Thus the confidential user data when passed through the net does not get exposed to anyone. The encryption of data is achieved through the SSL/TLS layer.

What’s NEW in “ProofHub”?

ProofHub, a project management solution provider has also adopted this extra layer of security in its application. HTTPS security protocol has been made the default protocol for all ProofHub accounts thus granting more security to user data. By adopting this much needed extra secure layer in its application, ProofHub has taken the step in the right direction which is going to bolster user confidence in this rich application. This measure is going to benefit big trading houses and a lot of other businesses which operate on a smaller scale making their business information even more secure.

Though the major applications and websites are adopting the HTTPS security feature in a big way for increased data security, more effort and commitment is needed from the technology professionals for countering the evil designs of hackers. The need of the hour is to generate mass awareness about the benefits of adopting such security measures.


Internet can be made more secure and user friendly if users themselves know what is beneficial for them for increased security. Thus they can force more and more applications to adopt better security measures. Such an approach is bound to benefit all the applications, service providers and users. Everybody stands to gain from the implementation of increased security measures in the internet usage. Let us join our hands together in making internet a more secure and reliable place to work and to conduct business.