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The announcement of the acquisition of Bluewolf Group by IBM is expected to be announced on this Thursday. Bluewolf is a consultancy firm that offers companies to boost their productivity with cloud software applications, such as Salesforce.

However, both parties have chosen not to reveal the terms and conditions of the acquisition deal but according to Re/code, IBM attained Bluewolf at a price slightly more than $200 million. Bluewolf may become part of the IBM’s Interactive Experience, a part of the massive Global Business Services consulting arm.

Bluewolf dates back to the year 2000. It is a San-Francisco based organization and was established with the intention of breaking new grounds in the software consultancy business. They have provided consultancy to more than 9,500 different companies.

IBM’s aims to infuse Bluewolf’s expertise with its own cloud services. It wants Bluewolf to become part of its extensive and interactive cloud software capabilities. It recently acquired the famous cloud video hosting service UStream and last year it paid a handsome amount of $2 billion in order to obtain digital assets of the Weather Company.

Amazon and Google have taken into account, the IBM’s new approach is more about creating and delivering cloud-based ecosystems. It seems like an excellent way of making business adopting cloud. Yet, it brings in a lot of risk. For now, IBM seems to know what it is doing.