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We talk about cloud storage services & their offerings with respect to features, accessibility, and pricing plans so much so that it has become one of the most viral discussions on the web. Factors that significantly contribute to the buzz around cloud storage services include free storage space, syncing, reliability, and similar needs.

Today, we are going to throw some light on running a ‘Back-to-School’ promotion featured by one of the paramount leaders in the cloud storage category.

IDrive, a US based cloud storage / online backup service provider has instigated a giveaway promotion which entails all the new signups with 10GB of free cloud storage services instead of their standard 5GB storage space. The limited time promotion aims to reach the unusually narrow segment of academicians and pupils, who could possibly find significant advantages in cloud storage and backup solutions for their academic and research purposes. With an initial 10GB FREE storage,​ the offer is not only generous, but could also find success in this segment, eventually spearheading the academic sector’s progressive involvement in cloud storage and cloud backup products, services, and solutions along the way.

IDriveSync Promotio

IDrive Sync 10GB Free Storage – Considerable Points!

  • With IDriveSync unique Visual Sharing™, you can simply upload and access all your important / confidential data on the cloud by smart drag-and-drop feature.
  • It entails user to integrate the storage to an unlimited number of devices to share the sync spaces (Android & IOS)
  • It offers military-grade encryption – assured user security.
  • Additionally, it supports the WebDAV protocol, making it easy for students to open, edit, and save directly to the cloud using apps from Android & Apple market!

Impressive much?

Back-to-School with IDriveSync (10GB Free) – How to Get it?

FREE Cloud Storage - IDrive

Go Back to School with 10GB of IDriveSync!

It’s easy! The ‘Back to School’ is a limited time promotion available on the IDrive website. To get your FREE 10GB storage, simply click the green button on the left to go to the IDriveSync website.